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Economic Nationalism in the Third World

Economic Nationalism in the Third World (Brighton, Wheatsheaf Press in the UK, Boulder, Colorado, Westview Press in the US, 1986), 294 pages.



This is the first analysis and comparison of the varied understanding of Third World economic nationalism. It investigates the differences in meaning which have been associated with the nationalism and introduces the main areas of public policy in a non-technical way.

Economic nationalism in the Third World is often dismissed as an emotional irrational political response to adverse international economic events. This book demonstrates that this is an inadequate reaction by providing for the first time a genuine comparison and an assessment of different understandings of economic nationalism, and secondly by surveying the many factors which have given rise to the force of this nationalism.

Economic Nationalism in the Third World succeeds in synthesising a variety of perspectives and offers a highly accessible guide to this vitally important area of modern economics.


  • Introduction
  • 1-The Meaning of Economic Nationalism
  • 2-Causes
  • 3-Agriculture Self-sufficiency and Industrialisation
  • 4-Measures
  • 5-Foreign Direct Investment
  • 6-Aid and Self-reliance
  • 7-Planning, Integration and Third World Cooperation
  • 8-Autonomy and Self-determination
  • Bibliography