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Where Are National Capitalisms Now? (co-edited with Jonathon Perraton)

Differences in the way national economies are organized have been highlighted in academic and policy debates. Where are National Capitalisms Now? provides studies of key national economies, examining both enduring features of their economic institutions and how these have changed in response to international economic integration and divergent performance. Drawing on a wide range of sources, the contributors provide a comprehensive, up-to-date assessment of different national models of capitalism, how they operate and how they affect the fortunes of their citizens.


Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004

ISBN 9780333928943





List of contents

'Introduction' J. Perraton & B. Clift

'The US Economy in the 1990s: The "New Economy" Assessed' G. Thompson

'British National Capitalism Since the War: Declinism, Thatcherism and New Labour' A. Gamble

'Ireland: Social Partnership and the "Celtic Tiger" Economy' R. O'Donnell

'The German Economic Model: Consensus, Stability, Productivity and the Implications for Reform' C. Annesley, G. Pugh & D. Tyrrall

'The French Model of Capitalism: Still Exceptional?' B. Clift

'Scandinavian Capitalism at the Turn of the Century' J. Vartiainen

'International Restructuring in the Japanese Economy since 1985' K. Matsuura, M. Pollitt, R. Takada & S. Tanaka

'Developmental States Before and After the Asian Crisis' L. Weiss

'Globalization and 'National Capitalism' in South Korea: Reconfiguring State-Capital-Labour Relations' B. Gills & D-S. Gills

'Comparing National Capitalisms' H. Radice

'So Where Are National Capitalisms Now?' J. Perraton & B. Clift