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My main publication over the previous few years is Culture, Change and America's War on Terror, Cambridge University Press, 2006.  I've also publised on South Asian arms control in International Affairs (2006), and have been a guest editor for International Relations (December 2006) and also for Government and Opposition (2007).

Other select publications would include:

  • 'Security Governance' (with Howorth, Terriff and Webber), Review of International Studies, 2004
  • 'NATO's Next Enlargement' (with Howorth, Terriff and Webber) International Affairs 78:4, 2002
  • 'Enlarging NATO Again' International Affairs 78:1, 2002
  • 'Security Studies Today' (with Terriff, James and Morgan) Polity Press 1999
  • 'The Enlargement of Europe' (with Redmond, Rees and Webber) Manchester University Press, 1999
  • Strategies of Arms Control: A History and Typology Manchester University Press, 1996