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Week 4

A. study of core reading (chapters 4, 5, and 6)


B. Replication of Lipset’s 1959 study. Read this article again, use the global indicators data,   use SPSS, and answer the following questions.


1.    What is your research question, and why is it interesting to scholars? (based on Lipset’s article)

2.    What are the theoretical ideas? (based on Lipset’s article)

3.    What are your hypotheses?

4.    What are the independent variables and dependent variable?

5.    What are your data and used data sets?

6.    What are the definitions of your variables?

7.    What are the measurements of your variables?

8.    What are the levels of measurement of your variables?

9.    Describe the variables in a correct way. Present frequency distribution tables, pie charts, bar charts, and/or line charts

10.   Use also measures of central tendency to describe your variables

11.   Can Lipset’s results be replicated, or are your findings different? Why might this be the case?

12. Are there any other problems, questions, concerns when you tried to answer the questions above?


Please notice that you do not need to read the Blais and Carty’s 1996 article; we will discuss this article in week 5 instead.