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Single authored books

Co-authored books

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Refereed journal articles

Editor of Journal Special Issues

  • 2019. Co-editor (with Lisa Tilley and Lena Rethel) 'The Production and Contestation of Exemplary centres in Southeast Asia. Special issue of Asia Pacific Viewpoint.
  • 2016. Co-editor (with Adrienne Roberts) 'Feminist Political Economies of the Everyday' special issue of Globalizations.
  • 2015. Editor, critical perspective section of Politics & Gender 'Feminist Security Studies and Feminist Political Economy: Crosing Divides and Rebuilding Bridges' (contributors: Juanita Elias, Shirin Rai, Laura Sjoberg, Heidi Hudson, Katherine Allison, Jacqui True, Cynthia Enloe)

  • 2010. Co-editor (with Carol Johnson) special issue of Australian Journal of Political Science ‘Australia Re-engaging Asia’ 45(1)
  • 2010. Co-editor (with Len Seabrooke) special issue of Australian Journal of International Affairs ‘The Sociological Turn in Australian IPE’ Vol. 64(1)
  • 2008. Editor, special issue of the Journal Men and Masculinities ‘Hegemonic Masculinities in International Politics’ Vol. 10 (4).

Book chapters and other contributions

  • Brassett, J., Elias, J., Rethel, L., and Richardson, B. 2021. 'International Political Economy' in Amy L. Atchison ed. Political Science is for Everybody: An Introduction to Political Science. University of Toronto Press.
  • Elias, J. 2020. ' The Gendered Political Economy of Southeast Asian Development' in Toby Carroll, Shahar Hamieri and Lee Jones eds. Political Economy of Southeast Asia: Politics & Uneven Development Under Hyperglobalisation, 4th edition. Palgrave.
  • Rethel, L., Elias, J. and Tilley, L. 2020. 'Tales from Two Cities: Financialisation, consumerism and affordable housing in Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta', in Johan Fischer and Jeremy Jammes (eds.) Muslim Piety as Economy. Markets, Meaning and Morality in Southeast Asia. Routledge.
  • Elias, J., Rethel, L. and Tilley, L. 2019. ‘IPE and IPS meet in Jakarta: Feminist Research Agendas Seen Through Everyday Life' International Relations (part of a special forum on IPE meets IPS).
  • Elias, J. 2017 'Continuing the Conversation... Some reflections' Politics and Gender (concluding reflection to a Critical Perspectives section '(Re)Integrating Feminist Security Studies and Feminist Global Political Economy: Continuing the Conversation' edited by Amanda Chisholm and Saskia Stachowitsch). Politics and Gender 13(4): 747-751.
  • Elias, J. 2016 'Situating rights in everyday life: The EMPOWER Women's Human Rights Report' in Jean Grugel, Lorenza Fontana, Jewellord Nem Singh and Anders Uhlin (eds) Demanding Rights: Claiming Justice in the Global South. Palgrave.
  • Elias, J. 2016 'Whose Crisis? Whose Recovery? Lessons Learnt (or Not) From the Asian Crisis' in Jacqui True and Aida Hozic eds. Scandalous Economics: Gender & the Politics of Financial Crisis. Oxford University Press.
  • Ferguson, L. , Elias, J. and Wanner, T. 2014. ‘Gender and Development’ in H. Weber (ed.) The Politics of Development: A Survey. Routledge.
  • Elias, J. 2013. 'The Global Governance of Labour' in Sophie Harman and David Williams' (eds) Governing the World. Routledge.
  • Elias, J. 2011. 'Critical feminist scholarship and IPE' in Shields, Bruff and Macartney (eds) Critical International Political Economy: Dialogue, Debate and Dissensus, Palgrave.
  • Elias, J. 2010. 'Gender and Labour' in R. A. Denmark(ed.) International Studies Association Compendium. Blackwell.
  • Elias, J. and Ferguson, L. 2009. ‘Production, Employment and Consumption’ in Shepherd, L. (ed.) Gender Matters in Global Politics, Routledge (revised and fully updated chapter in Shepherd ed. (2014) Gender Matters in Global Politics 2nd Edition).
  • Elias, J. and Stevenson, H. 2009. ‘Women Work and Labour Standards’ in Gunning, J. Holm, S and Kenway, I (eds.), Ethics, Law and Society Volume IV, Ashgate.
  • Elias, J. 2009. ‘Work and the Global Economy’ in Susan Shaw and Janet Lee (eds.) Women Worldwide: Transnational Feminist Perspectives on Women. McGraw Hill.
  • Elias, J. and Ferguson, L. 2007. ‘The Gender Dimensions of New Labour’s International Development Policy’, in Annesley, C. Gains, F. and Rummery, K. (eds.) Women and New Labour. Policy Press.
  • Elias, J. 2006. Entries on ‘Export Processing Zones’ and ‘South East Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO)’ in Bevir, M (ed.) SAGE Encyclopedia of Governance, Sage.
  • Lee, R and Elias, J. 2006.‘Ecological Modernisation and Environmental Regulation: Corporate Compliance and Accountability’ in MacLeod, S. (ed.) Global Governance and the Quest for Justice: Corporations, Governance and Globalisation v. 2, Hart Publishing.
  • Wells, C. and Elias, J. 2005. ‘Holding Multinational Corporations Accountable for Breaches of Human Rights’, in Gunning, J. and Holm, S. (eds), Ethics, Law and Society Volume 1, Ashgate.
  • Wells, C. and Elias, J. 2005. ‘Catching the Conscience of the King: Corporate Players on the International Stage’ in Alston, P. (ed) Non State Actors in International Law, Collected Courses of the Academy of European Law, Oxford University Press.
  • Elias, J. 2002. ‘Recruitment and Employment Practices in a Multinational Firm: Gendered Divisions of Labour in Malaysia and Britain’, in Hazim Shah, Jomo KS, and Phua Kai Lit, Malaysia at the Crossroads: New Perspectives in Malaysian Studies, Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian Social Science Association.
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