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Hong Kong in Transition: One Country, Two Systems

Hong Kong in Transition: One Country, Two Systems
(ed. with Robert Ash, Brian Hook and Robin Porter)
Publisher: RoutledgeCurzon, London, 2003
ISBN: 0415299543
Extent: 256 pages



Hong Kong in Transition offers a perspective on the exceptional constitutional and administrative experiment that has been taking place in Hong Kong, based on a substantial period under Chinese rule. There have been both successes and failures, and a perceptible process of change which is important to document.

The particular appeal of this volume lies in the fact that it combines a broad overview with detailed study of individual topics. It is multidisciplinary, and its chapters may be read as 'stand-alone' studies or taken as complementary parts of a whole snapshot of Hong Kong in this critical early period. The chapters are pitched at a level to make them accessible both to undergraduates and to the specialist. Contributors have been drawn from Hong Kong, Macau, the UK, the US, Australia and Germany, reflecting the international interest in the fate of Hong Kong.


Part I: The Hong Kong Business Environment

1. David J. Peterson and Elfed Vaughan Roberts The Hong Kong Business Environment and Economy since the Asian Crisis of 1997

2. Newman M. K. Lam Public Opinion and Economic Intervention in Hong Kong: an Emerging Dilemma

3. Peter Ferdinand Hong Kong and the Currency Board System: a Model for a Globalizing World?

Part II: Government and Politics

4. Brian Hook The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region: a Mid-Term Assessment

5. Robin Porter The Evolving Political Culture of the Hong Kong SAR

6. Ming K. Chan The Dynamics of Compensatory Politics and the Limits of Democratic Rebound in Hong Kong

7. Joseph Y. S. Cheng The Administrative Performance of the HKSAR Government and its Impact on Legislative Council Elections in 2000

8. Michael E. DeGolyer Legitimacy and Leadership: Public Attitudes in Post-British Hong Kong

Part III: Law and Legality

9. H. L. Fu The Impact of the Chinese Criminal Law in Hong Kong

10. Peter Wesley-Smith Judicial Autonomy under Hong Kong's Basic Law

11. Laifan Lin and Mingkang Gu Can Courts in Hong Kong Examine the Constitutionality of the Legislative Conduct of the PRC?

Part IV: Journalism and the Media

12. Heike Holbig Hong Kong Press Freedom in Transition

13. Anne S. Y. Cheung Hong Kong Press Coverage on China-Taiwan Straits Tension