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Pressure Groups and British Politics

Pressure Groups and British Politics (Contemporary Political Studies) 
Wyn Grant
264 pages (June 1999)
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 0333744853


Written by one of Britain's leading analysts of pressure groups, this book provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of pressure group politics in the UK and of the increasingly important EU dimension. The sleaze scandals surrounding the parliamentary lobby, grass roots direct action, the use of the media and courts and the particular importance of business, labour and consumer interests are also given full coverage.


Introduction: The Key Characteristics of Pressure Groups

Types of Groups

Theoretical Perspectives

Pressure Groups and the Executive

The Organisation of Representation at the EU Level

How Pressure Groups Exert Influence at the EU Level

Agenda Setting: The Media and Direct Action

Pressure Politics Outside Whitehall: Parliament, the Courts and Local Government

The Politics of Production and Consumption

The Effectiveness of Pressure Groups

Conclusions: Pressure Groups and Democracy