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"Skillfully navigating ideologically-infested waters, Hassan arrives at valuable insights and persuasive, dispassionate conclusions about U.S. policy under both Bush and Obama relating to Arab political change. A fine example of rigorous, reflective scholarship applied to current policy issues of considerable importance and controversy." Thomas Carothers, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Washington D.C.

Also, see:
Giles Scott-Smith (2014) Journal of American Studies 48:03, 93

Daniela Huber (2014) The International Spectator, 49:1, 149-151

Andrew Futter (2013) International Affairs 89:2, 553-4

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Book Chapters

  • Hassan, O. (2022) "The European Union's relationship with Afghanistan: An Historical Overview", Bouris, Huber and Pace, Handbook on EU-Middle East Relations, RoutledgeLink opens in a new window.
  • Hassan, O. (2022) 'Crisis, Narratives, and the Construction of US-Middle East Relations: Continuity and Change in World History and Trump's America First', in M.A. Hill and S. Hurst, The Trump Presidency: Continuity and Change in US Foreign Policy (Routledge: London).
  • Hassan, O. (2018) "The Terminal Decline of American Democracy Promotion in the Middle East" in M. Clementi et al. (eds.), US Foreign Policy in a Challenging WorldLink opens in a new window, Chapter 12 (Springer).
  • Hassan, O. (2015) "The EU’s Diverging Strategy for a Changing Iraq", in Hauser, K. eds, Iraq at a Crossroads (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung and Casa Arabe)
  • Croft, Stuart & Hassan, O. (2015) "Understanding the Arab Spring" in Cooper C. & Michie J. eds, Why the Social Sciences Matter, pp.161-175 (Academy of Social Sciences & Palgrave Macmillan).
  • Hassan, Oz (2012) 'Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software (CAQDAS)' in L. Shepherd Critical Approaches to Security: An Introduction to Theories and Methods, Chapter 14.
  • Hassan, Oz (2012) 'American Democracy Promotion in the Middle East: Lessons for Europe?' in J. Peters The European Union and the Arab Spring: Promoting Democracy and Human Rights in the Middle East (Lexington Books: New York).
  • Hassan, Oz (2010) 'Constructing Crises, (In)securitising Terror: The Punctuated Evolution of EU Counter-Terror Strategy' in Christou, G., and Croft, S., European Security Governance, pp.109-130 (Routledge)
  • Hassan, Oz (2010) 'America’s Freedom Dilemma for the Middle East: Interests or Democracy?' in M. Pace Europe, The USA and Political Islam: Strategies for Engagement (Palgrave Macmillan).
  • Dunn, D. H. and Hassan, Oz (2010) 'Strategic Confusion: America’s Conflicting Strategies and the War on Terrorism'in A. Siniver Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism in the Post 9/11 Era: Western and Non-Western Approaches (Routledge)

Encyclopaedia Entries

Official Reports and Working Papers

  • Hassan, Oz (2012) The Arab Spring: US Policy and Lessons for Europe, Report for EU FP7 GR:EEN.
  • Croft, Stuart, Christou, George and Hassan, Oz (2012) The EU and WMD, Report for EU FP7 EU-GRASP.
  • Croft, Stuart, Christou, George and Hassan, Oz (2012) The EU and Terrorism, Report for EU FP7 EU-GRASP.
  • Croft, Stuart and Hassan, Oz (2011) The Death of Bin Laden: Implications for Europe, Report for EU FP7 GR:EEN.
  • Hassan, Oz (2011) American Democracy Promotion and the Arab Spring, Report for EU FP7 GR:EEN.
  • Hassan, Oz (2011) The EU’s Counter-proliferation strategy in India and Pakistan, Report for EU FP7 EU-GRASP.
  • Hassan, Oz (2011) The EU’s counter-terrorism strategy in Afghanistan, Report for EU FP7 EU-GRASP.
  • Hassan, Oz (2010) EU Bilateral cooperation in transversal issues, Report for EU FP7 EU-GRASP.
  • Hassan, Oz (2010) Using NVivo in advanced Security Studies Research Methods: DVD and Workbook.
  • Hassan, Oz (2010) Mapping EU Bilateralism, Report for EU FP7 EU-GRASP.
  • Hassan, Oz (2010) EU-GRASP Handbook: From Methodology to Research Methods, Report for EU FP7 EU-GRASP.

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  • Hassan, O. (2016). Obama administration foreign and security speeches: 2009 to 2013. [Data Collection]. Colchester, Essex: UK Data Archive. 10.5255/UKDA-SN-852391