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Nick Kotucha

I am currently an ESRC funded PhD candidate in the department for Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick. I have previously undertaken an MA in international politics at the University and Manchester, as well as an ESRC funded MA in social science research methods at Warwick, for which I won the prize for the best dissertation submitted in PAIS during that year.


My research focuses on the political economy of finance, and the role that social processes and ideas play in shaping the governance of the financial system. I am particularly interested in the ways in which central banking policy is shaped by wider economic, political, and social shifts beyond the realm of formal economics.

My PhD investigates the role of domestic institutional and structural factors in shaping macroprudential policies in Europe. Drawing on Germany and the UK as my main case studies, I am especially interested in what explains the differences that are emerging within this policy field. To this end, my research pays particular attention to how the agency of central bankers is embedded in wider institutional and structural contexts, and the extent to which other political actors are able to insert themselves into this highly technical realm.

'The domestic sources of macroprudential policy divergence: financial regulation and the politics of housing in Germany and the UK', Comparative European Politics, 2022. DOI :10.1057/s41295-022-00316-2 (Available at: