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Ordinary Presidency  

 The Ordinary Presidency of Donald J. Trump

(with Jon Herbert and Andrew Wroe)

Palgrave (March 2019)

ISBN 978-3-030-04942-3


(with Andrew Pepper)
Edinburgh University Press/Rutgers University Press (2005), 227pp, ISBN 0 7486 1490 7
Choice Outstanding Academic Title 2006

American Exceptionalism and the Legacy of Vietnam: US Foreign Policy Since 1974
Palgrave Macmillan (December 2003), 248pp, ISBN 0333970144

Journal Articles

International Affairs March 2019
by Trevor McCrisken and Maxwell Downman
International Affairs (Published on-line March 2019)
Fleming article
by Christopher Moran and Trevor McCrisken
Contemporary British History (Published on-line December 2018)
Bond real imagined
by Trevor McCrisken and Christopher Moran
Intelligence and National Security 33: 6 (Published on-line May 2018)
History 2015
History 100: 340 (April 2015)
Survival 2013
Survival: Global Politics and Strategy 55: 2 (April–May 2013)
IA Cover Sept 2012
International Affairs 88: 5 (September 2012)
Int Affairs Cover 
Ten Years On: Obama's War on Terrorism in Rhetoric and Practice
International Affairs 87: 4 (July 2011)

Beyond Bush: A New Era in US Foreign Policy?Link opens in a new window
International Politics 46: 2-3 (March 2009) special issue
Guest Editors: Timothy J. Lynch and Trevor McCrisken


Book chapters

Foreign and Security Policy in Gillian Peele, Bruce E. Cain, Jon Herbert and Andrew Wroe, eds, Developments in American Politics 9Link opens in a new window London: Palgrave, 2022.
Cut-Up Book Cover
"The Drone Cut-Up Project" by Trevor McCrisken and Erzsébet Strausz in Shine Choi, Anna Selmeczi, and Erzsébet Strausz, eds,Critical Methods for the Study of World Politics: Creativity and Transformation Link opens in a new windowLondon: Routledge, 2019.
In The Name of Security "Eyes and Ears in the Sky: Drones, Journalism, and Surveillance," in Johan Lidberg and Denis Muller, eds, In The Name Of Security: Secrecy, Surveillance and Journalism. London: Anthem Press, 2018.

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