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Ordinary Presidency  

 The Ordinary Presidency of Donald J. Trump

(with Jon Herbert and Andrew Wroe)

Palgrave (March 2019)

ISBN 978-3-030-04942-3


(with Andrew Pepper)
Edinburgh University Press/Rutgers University Press (2005), 227pp, ISBN 0 7486 1490 7
Choice Outstanding Academic Title 2006

American Exceptionalism and the Legacy of Vietnam: US Foreign Policy Since 1974
Palgrave Macmillan (December 2003), 248pp, ISBN 0333970144

Journal Articles

International Affairs March 2019
by Trevor McCrisken and Maxwell Downman
International Affairs (Published on-line March 2019)
Fleming article
by Christopher Moran and Trevor McCrisken
Contemporary British History (Published on-line December 2018)
Bond real imagined
by Trevor McCrisken and Christopher Moran
Intelligence and National Security 33: 6 (Published on-line May 2018)
History 2015
History 100: 340 (April 2015)
Survival 2013
Survival: Global Politics and Strategy 55: 2 (April–May 2013)
IA Cover Sept 2012
International Affairs 88: 5 (September 2012)
Int Affairs Cover 

Beyond Bush: A New Era in US Foreign Policy?
International Politics 46: 2-3 (March 2009) special issue
Guest Editors: Timothy J. Lynch and Trevor McCrisken


Book chapters

Cut-Up Book Cover
"The Drone Cut-Up Project" by Trevor McCrisken and Erzsébet Strausz in Shine Choi, Anna Selmeczi, and Erzsébet Strausz, eds,Critical Methods for the Study of World Politics: Creativity and Transformation London: Routledge, 2019.

In The Name of Security "Eyes and Ears in the Sky: Drones, Journalism, and Surveillance," in Johan Lidberg and Denis Muller, eds, In The Name Of Security: Secrecy, Surveillance and Journalism. London: Anthem Press, 2018.

Crisis"Past is Present: The Future of Conservative US Foreign Policy" in Joel Aberbach and Gillian Peele, eds, Crisis of Conservatism?: The Republican Party, the Conservative Movement and American Politics after Bush. New York: Oxford University Press, 2011.


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