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Company Confessions: Secrets, Memoirs and the CIA


'Despite frequent official disapproval, CIA staff have written more memouirs than members of any other secret intelligence agency in world history. Christopher Moran's brilliant account of their revelations and tribulations is both readable and revealing'.
-- Prof. Christopher Andrew, author of Defence of the Realm

'Moran interweaves colourful personalities, conflicting politics and inconsistent practices in narratives of what the US government has and has not permitted CIA authors to publish about their secret profession. A fascinating, reabale work that explores America's never-ending efforts to balance necessary government secrecy with the public's right to know'.
--Robert Wallace, co-author of Spycraft and The Official CIA Manual of Trickery and Deception

'History - good or bad - dry as bone or vibrant as a rainbow deserves to be documented and preserved. This has been a challenge for the intelligence bureaucracies of any and all nations. Christopher Moran does an outstanding job of capturing and defining the truth that CIA's Publication Review Board would rather you just not know'.
-- Lt. Col Tony Shaffer (ret.), New York Times bestselling author of Operation Dark Heart

'A tantalizing discussion of the confusion and frustrations behind CIA s prepublication review process'.
Mark Zaid, US National Security Attorney

‘Should not go unnoticed’.
-- Richard Norton Taylor, Guardian

‘Moran’s book is scholarly in intent but proves a surprisingly cracking read’.
-- Kirkus Review

‘Myriad of well-documented detail’.
-- Studies in Intelligence (March 2016)

‘Delightful account of true spy stories and the agency’s often-bizarre responses to them’.
-- Publisher’s Weekly, starred review.

‘Vastly entertaining…Those who love the CIA, or at least who value it, should read this book’.
-- War on the Rocks

‘Lively, absorbing investigation…This scrupulously researched narrative will appeal to specialists and general readers alike, who will be fascinated by how agents’ memoirs fashion public perceptions of national security and the CIA itself’.
-- Library Journal

'Extremely engagingly-written, systemmatically researched, and forcefully argued work. Company Confessions is an eminently praiseworthy piece of research and analysis. It treads a fine line between academic rigour (which it has to an impressive degree) and a witty, engaging, popular style'.
-- Dr. Malcolm Craig, Journal of American Studies (February 2018)

'Moran's book is rich in historical facts and context, managing to tantalize readers with information'.
-- Journal for Intelligence, Propaganda and Security Studies (2017)

'Company Confessions brilliantly dissects the prolonged battle over the US' paradoxical world of secrets...A major contribution to our understanding of how America came to know about the CIA'.
-- International Affairs, 94:34 (May 2018).

'Fascinating page-turner...For those willing to know more about the Agency's communication policy, Moran's Company Confessions is a compulsory and highly enjoyable read. Not only does it constitute a landmark in the ever-growing field of cultural history of intelligence, it also opens up a fruitful and more than ever necessary dialogue between history and philosophy for the study of secret intelligence'.
-- Dr. Pauline Blistine, Intelligence and National Security (2019).

'Company Confessions is a well-researched, engaging and thought-provoking book....It is a must read for anyone interested in the intelligence service'.
-- Dr. Amanda Niedfeldt, History: Journal of the Historical Association (2019).

Published by St. Martin's: Macmillan, August 2016.

ISBN 978-1-250-04713-7, 32 plates, pp. 368., $27.99.

Available from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble


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