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PhD Supervision

I welcome PhD proposals on a range of subjects relating to modern diplomatic and political history. I am especially interested in supervising projects that explore:

  • UK and US intelligence agencies;
  • Special Forces;
  • Government Secrecy;
  • Whistleblowers;
  • Anglo-American Relations;
  • Presidents;
  • Prime Ministers;
  • the Cold War;
  • the Vietnam War.

I take particular pride in helping my PhD students to publish journal articles during their doctoral studies, as well as to secure book contracts upon completion.

All of my completed PhD students have gone on to secure permanent jobs.

PhDs Completed (2):

1. June 2017: Dr. Jules Gaspard, 'From the Revolutionary Era to the Progressive Era: The Origins and Expansion of Counter-Espionage in the US'. Warwick Chancellor's Scholarship.

2. June 2016: Dr. Nikita Shah, 'Secret Towns: British Intelligence in Asia during the Cold War'. ESRC funded.

PhDs Ongoing (4):

1. Melina Dobson, 'US National Security Whistleblowers'. PAIS Scholarship.

2. Dee Dutta, 'President Clinton, the CIA, and Counter-Terrorism'. ESRC funded.

3. Jason Dymidiuk, 'Surveillance, Crytography, and Popular Culture'. ESRC DTC Collaborative Studentship.

4. Julian Schmid, 'The Politics of Superhero Movies'. Self funded.