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Other Publications

Aya Nassar, Mayada Madbouly, Azza Ezzat, Abeer Abazeed, Nayera Abdelrahman Soliman, Menna Agha, Chihab El Khachab, Amira Elwakil, Laila Mourad & Mai Taha (2023) Objects, memories, and storytelling: experiments in narrating ideas of homeLink opens in a new window, City, DOI: 10.1080/13604813.2023.2254166

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  1. “Bridging Urbanity: The Neighbourhoods Workshop in Retrospect” with Sarah Asseel,
  2. “The In-betweeness of Bein El-Sarayat” with Ahmed Borham and AbdulRahman El-Taliawi,
  3. “The Ruin Next Door: Al-Ahram Brewery” with Ahmed Borham,
  4. “Searching for Another Space: 5 Years for Diwan in Cairo University” with Abeer Rabei.

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Book Reviews

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Edited Special Issues:

Co-edited with Mayada Madbouly (2021) Memory, Storytelling and Space, Égypte/Monde Arabe 23, 13026.

Co-edited with Marijn Nieuwenhuis (2020) Losing Ground: A Collection of Holes, Emotion, Space and Society. 36.

Co-edited with Lisa Tilley (2020) book review forum: Improvised Lives: Rhythms of Endurance in an Urban South by AbdouMaliq Simone Dialogues in Human Geography, volume 10, Issue 1.