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Current Research

My research interests cover a range of topics in contemporary political theory, global justice, and environmental ethics & policy. In particular, I am currently engaged on research on the issues of equity & social justice raised by global climate change and our response to it. I welcome PhD proposals and research collaboration in the following areas.

Ethics and politics of climate change

  • Loss and Damage
  • Justice in mitigation and adaptation
  • Distributing the unexpected costs of climate policy
  • Commodifying the atmosphere

Corrective and Distributive Justice

  • Benefiting from injustice
  • Wrongful harm, unlucky harm
  • Currencies of distributive justice (welfare, resources, capabilities...)
  • The pattern of distributive justice (equality, priority, sufficiency...)

Intergenerational and Environmental Justice

  • The ethics of resource depletion
  • Rights of unborn and future generations
  • The non-identity problem
  • Reciprocity between generations