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Chinese Politics and Society

Chinese Politics and Society: An Introduction

(co-author Flemming Christiansen), 1996, Harvester-Wheatsheaf, Hemel Hempstead, ISBN 0-13-354656-X



Concentrating on the era since 1949, this book takes a look at Chinese politics in the widest sense, analyzing political institutions within the crucial broader context of Chinese history and the pressures of social, economic, and cultural change. Covers a brief history of the Chinese Revolution, problems of transition, the Chinese state and political institutions, the Chinese economy, civil-military relations, ethnicity, environment, and perspectives for the fut ure. For professionals in the fields of Chinese politics, Chinese studies, and communist politics.

Table of Contents

Introduction- China in Context

Approaches to the Study of Chinese Politics

The Making of the Chinese Revolution- A Brief History

Problems of Transition

The Chinese State and Political Institutions

Political Mobilisation and Participation

The Chinese Economy I- Growth to Stagnation

The Chinese Economy II- Stagnation to Growth

China and the World

The Civil-Military Relations

Education, Art and Culture

Ethnicity, Nation and the Party-State

Environment and Demography

Perspectives for the Future