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Gender and Development


Welcome! This course explores gendered inequalities through the lens of development studies. It seeks to understand why, for instance,

  • women constitute 70% of the world’s 1.3 billion absolute poor
  • make up 60% of the 550 million working poor
  • globally, women earn 12-60% less than men
  • the value of their unpaid work – US$ 11 trillion per annum – remains invisible in national/global accounts

(Manual on Women in the Global Economy, ICFTU)

In seeking to understand these issues we will explore how and why we witness such inequalities
between the sexes and what impact does this inequality have on the national and global economies.
We will also examine the strategies that have been developed to challenge this inequality and assess
their success.

Images courtesy of mckaysavage and subcomandanta, reproduced under the Creative Commons License.