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  • Democratic Design (Oxford University Press 2021)
  • Making Representations: Claim, Counterclaim, and the Politics of Acting for Others (ECPR Press and Rowman and Littlefield International 2020)
  • The Representative Claim (Oxford University Press 2010)
  • Democracy (Polity Press 2003)
  • The Terms of Democracy (Polity Press 1998)
  • Co-optive Politics and State Legitimacy (Dartmouth 1992)

Edited books

  • The Oxford Handbook of Politics and Performance (Oxford University Press 2021) (co-editor with S. Rai, M. Gluhovic and S. Jestrovic)
  • Enacting European Citizenship (Cambridge University Press 2013) (co-editor with Engin F. Isin)
  • Democracy: Critical Concepts in Political Science (4 vols.) (Routledge 2007)
  • Living Political Ideas (Edinburgh University Press and the Open University 2005) (co-editor with Geoff Andrews)
  • Democratic Innovation: Deliberation, Representation and Association (Routledge/ECPR 2000)

Journal articles

  • 'Fragments of Equality in Representative Politics', in Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy, vol.19, Issues 1-3, January-June 2016
  • 'Agency, Design and "Slow Democracy"', in Time and Society, first published OnlineFirst on May 4, 2015 as doi:10.1177/0961463X15584254
  • ‘Shape-shifting Representation’ in American Political Science Review, vol. 108, no.4, November 2014
  • ‘The Dynamics of European Citizenship: enactment, extension and assertion’, in Comparative European Politics, vol.11, no.1, 2013
  • ‘Critical Exchange on Michael Saward’s The Representative Claim’, in Contemporary Political Theory, vol.11, no.1, 2012 [co-author with A. Schaap, L. Disch, S. Thompson and D. Castiglione]
  • 'Slow Theory: taking time over transnational democratic representation’, in Ethics & Global Politics, vol.4, no.1, 2011
  • ‘Framing the Good Citizen’, in British Journal of Politics and International Relations, vol.12, no.4, 2009 [co-author with J. Pykett and A. Schaefer]
  • ‘Dialogues with Political Theorists’, in Contemporary Political Theory, vol.8, no.3, 2009 [with Benjamin Barber]
  • ‘Authorization and Authenticity: Representation and the Unelected’, in Journal of Political Philosophy, vol.17, no.1, 2009
  • ‘Trajectories of Green Political Theory’, in Contemporary Political Theory, vol.8, no.3, 2009 [co-author with A. Dobson, S. MacGregor and D. Torgerson]
  • ‘In Place of “Global Democracy”’, in Ethical Perspectives, vol.15, no.4, 2008
  • ‘Constituting Sustainability’, in The Good Society, vol.17, no.2, 2008
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  • ‘Democratic Theorists and Party Scholars: why they don’t talk to each other, and why they should’, in Perspectives on Politics, vol.6, no.1, 2008 [co-author with I. van Biezen]
  • ‘The Representative Claim’, in Contemporary Political Theory, vol.5, no.3, 2006 [winner of the Contemporary Political Theory Annual Prize for 2006]
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  • ‘Veil of Influence: The Legacy of John Rawls’, in Soundings, Issue 24, 2003
  • ‘Enacting Democracy’, in Political Studies, vol.51, no.1, 2003
  • ‘Making Democratic Connections: Political Equality, Deliberation and Direct Democracy’, in Acta Politica, vol.36, 2001
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  • ‘Green State/Democratic State’, in Contemporary Politics, vol.4, no.4, 1998
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  • ‘Direct Democracy Revisited’, in Politics, vol.13, no.2, 1993
  • ‘Co-option and Power: who gets what from formal incorporation’, in Political Studies, vol.38, no.4, 1990

Other editorships

  • British Consulting Editor, The Encyclopedia of Democracy (editor-in-chief S.M. Lipset) (Washington, D.C: Congressional Quarterly and London: Routledge 1995)

Chapters in edited volumes

  • 'Afterword: Sovereign and Critical Grammars', in S. Rai and J. Reinelt (eds), The Grammar of Politics and Performance (London: Routledge 2015)
  • ‘The Wider Canvas: representation and democracy in state and society’, in Alonso, S., Keane, J. and Merkel, W. (eds), The Future of Representative Democracy (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2010)
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Film and audio

Open Politics film and audio podcasts involve researchers in Politics and International Studies (POLIS) at the Open University, working with the Open Broadcasting Unit and the independent media company Angel Eye and drawing on the BBC archive. The twenty-two videos and audios, of which these are two, use high-quality materials and techniques to focus on core research questions in a way that clarifies without simplifying them.