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Single-authored books

  • Squire, V. (2020) Europe’s Contested Migration Crisis: Border Deaths and Human Dignity (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press).
  • Squire, V. (2015) Post/humanitarian Border Politics between Mexico and the US: People, Places, Things (Basingstoke: Palgrave).
  • Squire, V. (2009) The Exclusionary Politics of Asylum (Basingstoke: Palgrave-Macmillan).

Co-authored books

  • Squire, V., Perkowski, N., Stevens D., and Vaughan-Williams, N. (2021) Reclaiming Migration: Voices from Europe’s ‘Migrant Crisis’ (Manchester: Manchester University Press).

Edited and co-edited books

  • Squire, V. (Ed.) (2011) The Contested Politics of Mobility: Borderzones and Irregularity (Abingdon: Routledge).
  • Shamma, Y., Ilcan, S., Squire, V. and Underhill, H. (Eds.) (2023) Migration, Culture and Identity: Making Home Away (Cham: Springer).

Journal articles


  • Squire, V. (2024) "Global Citizenship in the Making? Generating an Inventory of Migratory Claims", Citizenship Studies 
  • Squire, V. and Alozie, M. (2023) “Coloniality and frictions: Data-driven humanitarianism in North-eastern Nigeria and South Sudan”, Big Data and Society,
  • Squire, V. (2021) “Unruly migrations, abolitionist alternatives”, Behemoth 14(3): 14-24.
  • Squire, V. (2020) “Migration and the politics of the ‘human’: Confronting the privileged subjects of IR”, International Relations, 34(3): 290-308.
  • Squire, V. (2020) “Hidden geographies of the ‘Mediterranean migration crisis”, Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space, org/10.1177/2399654420935904.
  • Squire, V. (2019) “A milestone missed? The global compact on migration and the limits of solidarity”, Global Affairs, 5(2): 155-162.
  • Squire, V. (2018) “Researching precarious migrations: Qualitative strategies toward a positive transformation of the politics of migration”, British Journal of Politics and International Relations 20(2): 441-458.
  • Squire, V. (2018) “Mobile solidarities and precariousness at City Plaza: Beyond vulnerable and disposable lives” Studies in Social Justice, 12(1): 111-132.
  • Perkowski, N. and Squire, V. (2018) “The anti-policy of European anti-smuggling as a site of contestation in the Mediterranean migration ‘crisis’”, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 42(3): 400-417.
  • Squire, V. (2017) “Governing migration through death in Europe and the US: Identification, burial, and the crisis of modern humanism”, European Journal of International Relations, forthcoming
  • Squire, V. (2017) “Divided Seas, Parallel Lives”, Women’s Studies Quarterly, 45(1&2): 69-89.
  • Squire, V. (2015) "Acts of desertion: Abandonment and renounouncement at the Sonoran borderzone", Antipode, 47(2): 500-516.
  • Squire, V. (2015) “Reshaping critical geopolitics? The materialist challenge”, Review of International Studies, 41(1): 139-159.
  • Squire, V. (2014) “Desert ‘trash’: Posthumanism, Border Struggles, and Humanitarian Politics”, Political Geography, 38: 11-21.
  • Squire, V. and Darling, J. (2013) “The "Minor" Politics of Rightful Presence: Justice and relationality in City of Sanctuary”, International Political Sociology, 7(1): 59-74.
  • Closs Stephens, A. and Squire, V. (2012) “Politics through a web: Citizenship and community unbound”, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 30(3): 551-567.
  • Closs Stephens, A. and Squire, V. (2012) “Citizenship Without Community?”, Guest editorial, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 30(3): 434-436.
  • Andrijasevic, R., Aradau, C., Huysmans, J. and Squire, V. (2012) “European Citizenship Unbound: Sex work, mobility, mobilisation”, forthcoming in Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 30(3): 497-514.
  • Squire, V. (2012) “Desafiando os Limites da Cidadania da União Europeia: As Disputas dos Grupos Roma acerca da (I)mobilidade”, Contexto Internacionale, 33(1): 103-130.
  • Aradau, C., Huysmans, J. and Squire, V. (2012) “Atos de Cidadania Europeia: Uma Sociologia Politica da Mobilidade”, Contexto Internacionale, 33(1): 179-208.
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  • Diez, T. and Squire, V. (2008) “Traditions of Citizenship and the Securitisation of Migration in Germany and Britain”, Citizenship Studies 12(6), 565-581.
  • Squire, V. (2008) “Accounting for the dominance of control: Inter-party dynamics and restrictive asylum policy in contemporary Britain” British Politics 3(2), 241-261.
  • C.a.s.e. collective (2007) “Europe, knowledge, politics: engaging with the limits, the c.a.s.e. collective responds”, Security Dialogue 38(4), 559-576.
  • Squire, V. (2005) “‘Integration with diversity in modern Britain’: New Labour on nationality, migration and asylum”, Journal of Political Ideologies 10(1), 51-74.

Chapters in edited collections

  • Squire, V. (2020) “The construction of illegality” in E. Carmel and K. Lenner (Eds.) Handbook on the Governance and Politics of Migration (Routledge: London).
  • Squire, V. and Stierl, M. (2020) “Precarious migrations and forced displacement” in P. Adey, K. Brickell, V. Desa, M. Dotlon, A. Pinkerton and A. Siddiqi (Eds.) Handbook of Displacement (Basingstoke: Palgrave).
  • Squire, V. (2017) “Sharing Stories with Gabriel”, in L. Mavelli and E.K. Wilson (Eds.), The Refugee Crisis and Religion (Rowman and Littlefield), pp. 109-118.
  • Squire, V. (2017) “Unpacking the ‘European migration crisis’” in E.C. Del Re and R.R. Laremont (Eds.) Pursuing Stability and a Shared Development in Euro-Mediterranean Migrations (Globolitico: EPOS).
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  • Squire, V. (2014) “Umkampfte politik der mobilitat: Policitizing mobility, mobilizing politcs”, in Heimeshoff, L. et al (eds.) Grenzregime II: Migration Kontrolle wissen transnationale perspektiven (Berlin: Assoziation A), pp. 162-175.
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