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Other activities


I was one of the winners of the Templeton Enterprise Awards, presented at the Princeton Club in New York in February 2007, for the best journal article published internationally in calendar year 2005 on the issue of humane political economy in an era of globalisation. The article in question was: 'What Makes a Market Economy? Schumpeter, Smith and Walras on the Coordination Problem', New Political Economy, 10 (2), 2005, 143-161. The post-print version is available to download for those people who do not have access to the accepted version which appears in New Political Economy.

I also won the Political Studies Association prize for best article published in 2009 in its journal, Politics, which was presented at the Association's Annual Dinner in March 2010 in Edinburgh. The article in question was: ''Habitation Versus Improvement' and a Polanyian Perspective on Bank Bailouts', Politics, 29 (3), 2009, 183-192. The post-print version is available to download for those people who do not have access to the accepted version which appears in Politics.

My 2005 book, Foundations of International Political Economy, was nominated for the IPEG Book of the Year Award for academic year 2004/2005, as organised under the remit of the BISA Specialist Group in International Political Economy.

Other Positions

I am currently Co-Series Editor with Professor Jerry Cohen of the Edward Elgar Handbooks in International Political Economy. The flyer for the Handbook Series appears here. From 2001 until 2007 I served as a member of the National Executive Committee of SCASS, the Standing Conference of Arts and Social Sciences, an umbrella organisation representing the interests of all subject defence groups in these areas of the academy in the UK. Since 2005 I have served as a member of the Steering Committee of the PSA Labour Movements Specialist Group and in 2008 I helped establish the PSA Political Economy Specialist Group, on whose Executive Committee I served as Treasurer. I have acted in advisory capacities for Oxfam (in relation to its campaign on fair trade) and for War on Want (in relation to its campaigns on the Tobin Tax and on stamp duty on foreign exchange transactions conducted in the UK). I have also been a member of the ESRC's Assessors' College since 2007.

Warwick RIPE Debates

From 2008 onwards, the Department has put on an annual debate on the future of the subject field for the UK IPE community, jointly sponsored by the Review of International Political Economy, entitled the Warwick RIPE Debate. I had responsibility for organising the first two debates, general information about which can be found here. For the first debate, held in May 2008, the special guest speaker was Professor Jerry Cohen from the University of California, Santa Barbara. I appeared alongside Professor Cohen and Richard Higgott as one of the participants in the debate. For further details, plus a fully downloadable recording of the debate, please follow this link: Warwick RIPE Debate 2008. For the second debate, held in May 2009, the special guest speaker was Professor Mark Blyth from Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island. I was also a participant in this debate, alongside Professor Blyth, Jeffrey Chwieroth and Shirin Rai. As with the previous year's debate, this one was recorded and can be found by following this link: Warwick RIPE Debate 2009. I can also be heard talking about the current state of the British housing market at a debate held at the London School of Economics in July 2009. The mp3 recording can be found by following this link: LSE Housing Market Debate 2009.

Warwick Subprime Workshop

On September 18th/19th 2008, the Department held a two-day workshop on the politics, economics and ethics of response to the subprime crisis, in the wake of the increasingly enveloping credit crunch. I organised the workshop along with my colleagues James Brassett and Lena Rethel. The proceedings now appear as a special issue of New Political Economy which was published in early 2010, as well as in a special section of the British Journal of Politics and International Relations which was published in the autumn of 2009. Fully downloadable recordings of all the papers presented over the course of the two days are available. They can be accessed in mp3 format from the following link: Warwick Subprime Workshop. An earlier podcast of me talking about the political effects of the credit crunch in Britain can be found here: Watson podcast. Again, it is in mp3 format and it will open immediately in Windows Media Player once you click on the 'download' command.