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Selected Publications

Many of the journal articles below are available in fully open access format, as requested by my funders at the Economic and Social Research Council. Indeed, all of those for which I retain copyright on the post-print version can be accessed onlineLink opens in a new window. This link takes you to WRAP, the institutional repository for the University of Warwick where staff members' journal articles are archived. Once on the WRAP homepage, you will need to use the search facility in the top right-hand corner of the page. However, it is best not to search for my name, as I am not the only Matthew Watson at Warwick, and this is actually likely to give you a list of publications for all the Matthews and all the Watsons who have ever deposited anything there. It is better to search using the names of the articles, and then this should take you with just one more click to the text of the work in which you are interested.

My ESRC Professorial Fellowship project websiteLink opens in a new window contains additional information about everything that I have published via that project since 2013.


Single-Authored Books

False Prophets of Economics Imperialism: The Limits of Mathematical Market Models, Newcastle: Agenda and New York: Columbia University Press, 2024.

The Market, Newcastle: Agenda and New York: Columbia University Press, 2018.

Uneconomic Economics and the Crisis of the Model World, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.

The Political Economy of International Capital Mobility, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007.

Foundations of International Political Economy, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2005.


Published and Forthcoming Articles in Peer-Refereed Academic Journals

''Let me tell you a story’: The Politics of Macroeconomic Models’, New Political Economy, 2024, accepted for publication 21.05.2024, published online 01.06.2024. DOI: 10.1080/13563467.2024.2359964.

‘Shape-Shifters, Chameleons and Recognitional Politics: The Asset Management Industry and Financial Regulation’, Economy and Society, 2024, accepted for publication 20.05.2024, with Huw Macartney and Fabian Pape. DOI: 10.1080/03085147.2024.2367330.

‘The Place of Glasgow in The Wealth of Nations: Caught between Biography and Text, Philosophical and Commercial History’, History of Political Economy, 54 (5), 2022, 975-990. DOI: 10.1215/00182702-10005816.

'Decolonising the School Curriculum in an Era of Political Polarisation', London Review of Education, with Shahnaz Akhter, 20 (1), 2022, 1-7. DOI:

‘Financialization, State Action and the Contested Policy Practices of Neoliberalism’, Competition and Change, with Craig Berry and Inga Rademacher, 26 (2), 2022, 215-219. DOI: 10.1177/10245294221086864/.

‘Michael Gove’s War on Professional Historical Expertise: Conservative Curriculum Reform, Extreme Whig History and the Place of Imperial Heroes in Modern Multicultural Britain’, British Politics, 15 (3), 2020, 271-290. DOI: 10.1057/s41293-019-00118-3.

‘New Directions in the International Political Economy of Energy’, Review of International Political Economy, 26 (1), 2019, 1-24, with Caroline Kuzemko and Andrew Lawrence. DOI 10.1080/09692290.2018.1553796.

‘Crusoe, Friday and the Raced Market Frame of Orthodox Economics Textbooks’, New Political Economy, 23 (5), 2018, 544-449. DOI 10.1080/13563467.2017.1417367.

‘Brexit, the Left Behind and the Let Down: The Political Abstraction of ‘the Economy’ and the UK’s EU Referendum’, British Politics, 13 (1), 2018, 17-30. DOI 10.1057/s41293-017-0062-8.

‘George Osborne’s Machonomics’, British Politics, 12 (4), 2017, 536-554. DOI 10.1057/s41293-017-0059-3.

‘Historicising Ricardo’s Comparative Advantage Theory, Challenging the Normative Foundations of Liberal IPE’, New Political Economy, 22 (3), 2017, 257-272. DOI: 10.1080/13563467.2016.1216535.

‘Rousseau’s Crusoe Myth: The Unlikely Provenance of the Neoclassical Homo Economicus’, Journal of Cultural Economy, 10 (1), 2017, 81-96. DOI: 10.1080/17530350.2016.1233903.

The Great Transformation and Progressive Possibilities: The Political Limits of Polanyi’s Marxian History of Economic Ideas’, Economy and Society, 43 (4), 2014, 603-625.

‘Re-Establishing What Went Wrong Before: The Greenspan Put as Macroeconomic Modellers’ New Normal’, Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies, 7 (July), 2014, 80-101.

‘The Welfare State Sources of Bank Instability: Displacing the Conditions of Welfare State Fiscal Crisis under Pressures of Macroeconomic Financialization’, Public Administration, 91 (4), 2013, 855-870.

‘New Labour’s “Paradox of Responsibility” and the Unravelling of its Macroeconomic Policy’, British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 15 (1), 2013, 6-22.

'The Eighteenth-Century Historiographic Tradition and Contemporary 'Everyday IPE'', Review of International Studies, 39 (1), 2013, 1-23.

'Desperately Seeking Social Approval: Adam Smith, Thorstein Veblen and the Moral Corruption of Commercial Society's Consumption-for-Show', British Journal of Sociology, 63 (3), 2012, 491-512.

‘Friedrich List’s Adam Smith Historiography and the Contested Origins of Development Theory’, Third World Quarterly, 33 (3), 2012, 459-474.

'Competing Models of Socially-Constructed Economic Man: Differentiating Defoe's Crusoe from the Robinson of Neoclassical Economics', New Political Economy, 16 (5), 2011, 609-626.

'The Contradictory Political Economy of UK Higher Education', Political Quarterly, 82 (1), 2011, 16-25.

'House Price Keynesianism and the Contradictions of the Modern Investor Subject', Housing Studies, 25 (3), 2010, 413-426.

'The Political Economy of the Sub-Prime Crisis: The Economics, Politics and Ethics of Response', New Political Economy, 15 (1), 2010, 1-7, with James Brassett and Lena Rethel.

''Habitation Versus Improvement' and a Polanyian Perspective on Bank Bail-outs', Politics, 29 (3), 2009, 183-192.

'Headlong into the Polanyian Dilemma: The Impact of Middle-Class Moral Panic on the British Government's Response to the Sub-prime Crisis', British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 11 (3), 2009, 422-437.

'Introduction to the Political Economy of the Sub-prime Crisis in Britain: Constructing and Contesting Competence', British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 11 (3), 2009, 377-381.

‘Investigating the Potentially Contradictory Microfoundations of Financialization’, Economy and Society, 38 (2), 2009, 255-277.

‘Gordon Brown's Misplaced Smithian Appeal: The Eclipse of Sympathy in Changing British Welfare Norms’, Journal of Social Policy, 38 (2), 2009, 195-210.

'Planning for a Future of Asset-Based Welfare? New Labour, Financialized Economic Agency and the Housing Market', Planning, Practice and Research, 24 (1), 2009, 41-56.

‘The Split Personality of Prudence in the Unfolding Political Economy of New Labour’, Political Quarterly, 79 (4), 2008, 578-589.

'Gordon Brown's Adam Smith Problem', Renewal: A Journal of Labour Politics, 16 (3), 2008.

‘Constituting Monetary Conservatives via the 'Savings Habit': New Labour and the British Housing Market Bubble’, Comparative European Politics, 6 (3), 2008, 285-304.

'Euphoria, Risk and Corporate Scandal: Enron and the Commercial Corruption of Expertise within Financialised Capitalism', CSGR Working Paper, no. 255/08, 2008.

‘All at Sea in a Barbed Wire Canoe: Professor Cohen's Transatlantic Voyages in IPE’, Review of International Political Economy, 15 (1), 2008, 1-17, with Richard Higgott.

‘Searching for the Kuhnian Moment: The Black-Scholes-Merton Formula and the Evolution of Modern Finance Theory’, Economy and Society, 36 (2), 2007, 326-338.

‘Trade Justice and Individual Consumption Choices: Adam Smith’s Spectator Theory and the Moral Constitution of the Fair Trade Consumer’, European Journal of International Relations, 13 (3), 2007, 263-288.

'Off the Leash: Understanding the Dynamics of Capital Mobility in IPE', IPEG Papers in Global Political Economy, no. 31, 2007.

‘Towards a Polanyian Perspective on Fair Trade: Market-Bound Economic Agents and the Act of Ethical Consumption’, Global Society, 20 (4), 2006, 435-451.

‘Beyond ‘Prospective Accountancy’: Reassessing the Case for British Membership of the Single European Currency Comparatively’, British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 8 (1), 2006, 101-121, with Colin Hay and Nicola Smith.

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