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The Warwick Year

During your year at Warwick, you will follow the taught portion of one of our 10 core MA programmes (ie, Part I of the degree as described on the course structure page), taking your core and optional modules alongside the rest of the MA cohort. You will also attend all of the dissertation preperation workshops, and as a full PAIS student, you are invited to take advantage of bespoke careers workshops, supplementary Graduate School courses, and internship opportunities available to PAIS and Warwick students at large. In the spring and summer terms, you will begin to work on your dissertation topic with your Warwick advisor and hand in a provisional dissertation plan alongside your colleagues on single MA programmes.

If you are attending Warwick for Year 1 of the Double Degree, you will be invited to participate in the annual Dissertation Conference before departing for Monash. In this case, you will not be required to adhere to your original plan for your final project: it is likely you will modify your plans or change topic altogether during your year at Monash, but it will give you the opportunity to consolidate the knowledge gained at Warwick and reflect on where your research might go.

If you are coming to Warwick for Year 2 of the programme, you will progress to the Dissertation stage (ie, Part II of the degree) alongside your colleagues on the single MA programmes. However, you will be able to choose whether you write up your final project at Warwick or return to Monash to complete the programme.

Whether you start or finish at Warwick, your final project will be jointly supervised by an academic from each university.