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The UPF Year

libraryDuring the year at Pompeu Fabra University, students follow the normal programme of the Master in Current Democracies: Nationalism, Federalism and Multicultralism, taking your core and optional courses together with that MA cohort. As a UPF student you will also be able to participate in university activities and supplementary courses, such as languages, and the activities programmed by the Political and Social Sciences Department throughout the year, such as methodological courses and workshops.

If you study at UPF during your 1st year, you will complete the taught component of the Master in Current Democracies (8 courses, 5 ECTS each), and you will begin the preliminary work on your MA dissertation - identify your topic and identify a Pompeu Fabra adviser.

If you are coming to Barcelona for your 2nd year, you will follow the taught component of the UPF Master in Current Democracies (8 courses, 5 ECTS each). You will be allowed to attend a workshop to improve the design and the interpretation between theory and methodology on your dissertation. You will then focus on your dissertation (60 CATS, 20 ECTS), primarily supervised at Pompeu Fabra with further advice available from the Warwick advisor. You will submit your Final Research Paper by the Pompeu Fabra deadline to both UPF and PAIS.

Students on the Warwick MA in Political and Legal Theory will follow the same patterns as above but link with the UPF Master in Political Philosophy.