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Public Policy for 21st Century Challenges (PO256)

This module builds on PO255 Introduction to Comparative Public Policy. It gives you the opportunity to apply a) well-established theories of public policymaking, and b) the comparative method, to the analysis of contemporary public policy challenges.

By the end of the module you should be able to:

Describe a variety of policy challenges facing post-industrial democraciesCompare public policy responses to these challenges, both across countries and over timeAssociate observable variation in public policy with the interests, ideas, and institutions that shape the behaviour of key political actors

This module is structured in two parts. In weeks 1-5, lectures and seminars introduce four contemporary policy challenges. After reading week, we explore public policy responses to these challenges. You will critically evaluate alternative government, and develop policy recommendations for a non-academic audience.


Module Director:

Margarita Gelepithis