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Foundations of Political Economy

Programme overview

In the real world, politics and economics are fundamentally inseparable. Whether it be the gender pay-gap, the costs and profits from climate change, or the instability of global financial markets, this module will help you to understand some of the ways in which political and economic spheres are connected.

Warwick has an exceptionally strong record in the field with staff working on a huge variety of areas, including trade, development, international economic organisations, taxation, finance and Chinese and East Asian political economy.

This module will introduce you to a selection of important issues in political economy and in the process prepare you for further study in your second and third years.

Programme content

  • If you thought that understanding the economy was all about mathematics, then think again!
  • This module will cover important economic issues by looking at them in their political and ethical contexts.
  • It will introduce you to a variety of central issues and will give you some of the basic theoretical tools required in order to analyse them.
  • Whether you just want to dip your toes into matters of political economy, or want to make it a major part of your continuing studies, this module will cover a unique range of topics and will offer you the opportunity to develop your understanding of some of the most important contemporary trends in global politics.

Module Director:

John Morris