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International Security

Programme overview

Security concerns play a dominant role in world politics alike. From traditional concerns about the use of military force to new threats such as poverty, climate change, and cyber-attacks, security issues, occupy a prime spot on the policy agendas of states, international organisations, and civil society actors.

Programme content

This module provides a comprehensive introduction to theories, concepts, and practices of international security. Weekly ‘excursions’ discuss those in-depth in a contemporary context.

It introduces you to the study of strategy and warfare, debates about the meaning and scope of security, and key security actors, institutions, and mechanisms in world politics. Simultaneously, we reflect on how we might think about security differently.

At the end of the module you should be able to demonstrate knowledge of key issues and dynamics regarding the use of military force; demonstrate knowledge of theoretical debates about security in international relations and their relationship to security practices; and demonstrate knowledge of issues around security threats as well as the meaning of war, security and peace.

You should also be in a position to critically apply these insights to understand and analyse contemporary dynamics in world politics.

Module Director:

Christopher Browning