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The Politics of Religion (PO383)

The Politics of Religion is a cross-disciplinary module that explores the intersection of politics and religion in the modern world from both a theoretical and empirical perspective. The academic aims of the module are to introduce students to the key themes and issues relating to the relationship between politics and religion, to facilitate an inter-disciplinary analysis of religio-politics in theoretical, conceptual and empirical terms, and to encourage critical thinking about the impact of religious belief on contemporary political issues and institutions.

Programme content

Learning objectives: To demonstrate advanced and applied knowledge of the theoretical issues and debates surrounding the relationship between politics and religion. To demonstrate detailed and critical awareness of the key processes and dynamics through which religion has shaped, and continues to shape, contemporary politics and political institutions. To demonstrate the ability to relate contemporary issues surrounding religion and politics to theoretical and conceptual frameworks of understanding.

Learning methods: Lectures provide a critical introduction to core themes and debates. Seminars consist of group discussion and further exploration of the issues raised in the previous lecture. Independent study is a key part of this module.


Module Director:

Steve Kettell


This module is worth 30 CATS