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Research Team

Principal Investigator

Nick Vaughan-Williams is Professor of International Security at the University of Warwick, UK. In 2015 he was awarded the Philip Leverhulme Prize for outstanding research in Politics and International Studies. His research, supported with externally-funded grants from the British Academy, ESRC, and Leverhulme Trust, focuses on security and the changing nature and location of borders in global politics. He has published 9 books and over 40 articles and book chapters as either author, co-author, or co-editor on different dimensions of this topic. His latest single-authored research monograph is Europe's Border Crisis: Biopolitical Security and Beyond (Oxford University Press, 2015, 2017). His earlier monograph, Border Politics: The Limits of Sovereign Power (Edinburgh University Press, 2009, 2012), was Gold Winner of the Association for Borderlands Studies Book Award.

Research Fellow

(2016-18) Dr Georg Löfflmann is Research Fellow in International Security in the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick, UK. His research focuses on the political, social and cultural production of geopolitical discourses, and how this process shapes foreign and security policy. He has published articles in the peer-reviewed journals Geopolitics, Asian Security, and Critical Studies on Security. His latest monograph is American Grand Strategy under Obama: Competing Discourses (EUP, 2017). In 2017 he was awarded a three-year Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship (ECF), which commenced in May 2018.

PhD Students linked to 'Border Narratives' project

(2018-) - Charlie Price, 'Who controls the border? An analysis of British and European far right'', ESRC DTP 1+3 studentship (Supervisors: Nick Vaughan-Williams and Christopher Browning).

Post-Doctoral Research Fellows linked to 'Border Narratives' project

(2018-21), Dr Maurice Stierl, The Leverhulme Trust, 'The EU's Contested Forms of Border Governance in the Mediterranean Sea', Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship (Mentor: Nick Vaughan-Williams).

(2018-21), Dr Georg Lofflmann, The Leverhulme Trust, 'The Enemy Inside the Gates: Anti-Elite Hostility and the Political Agency of the "Everyday" in Europe and the US', Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship (Mentor: Nick Vaughan-Williams).

Visiting Research Fellows linked to 'Border Narratives' project

(Term 1, 2019/20) - Dr Heri Pontes, Associate Professor, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil (sponsor: Nick Vaughan-Williams).

(Term 1, 2019/20) - Dr Cecilia Vergnano, Marie Slodowska-Curie Research Fellow, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (sponsor: Nick Vaughan-Williams).

Research Assistants on the 'Border Narratives' project

(2019-20) - Aine Bennett

(2018-19) - Charlie Price

(2018-19) - Aine Bennett

(2017-18) - Iason Tsoukalas

(2016-17) - Charlie Price