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GR:EEN and Current Affairs

Mark Beeson writes in The Australian

Diane Stone and Mark Beeson, UWA, write in Australian Financial Review

Oz Hassan, Warwick, published in the Knowlegde Centre

Fraser Cameron, EU-Asia Centre (GR:EEN IAB), op-ed in New Europe

Stuart Croft, Warwick

Mark Beeson, UWA, writes in The Age

Stephen Kingah, UNU-CRIS, writes in Trade Negotiation Insight, 10(4) (2011)

Antonio Villafranca, ISPI, writes in Europe's World

Arturo Varvelli, ISPI, writes in Brookings

The Libyan Crisis Seen from European Capitals

Arturo Varvelli, ISPI, interviewed in The New York Times on EU-Libya relations

Italian Business Faces Lose-Lose Situation in Libya

Luk Van Langenhove, UNU-CRIS, writes in Europe's World

The Upgrade of the EU in the UN and the Changing Nature of Multilateralism 

Stuart Croft and Oz Hassan, GR:EEN work package 4, respond to the recent death of Osama Bin Laden

(PDF Document) The Death of Bin Laden: Implications for Europe

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