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GR:EEN Working Paper Series

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Multipolarity, Multilateralism, and Strategic Competition

Working Paper No 32: GEM Paper: van Hooft
Multipolarity, Multilateralism, and Strategic Competition(PDF Document) (December 2012)

Wed 27 Mar 2013, 16:56 | Tags: multilateralism, multipolarity, strategic competition, van Hooft

Multiple Principles for Multilateral Interventions: The Ideational Divergences between EU and China

Wed 27 Mar 2013, 16:24 | Tags: China, EU, multilateralism

The EU Aviation ETS Caught between Kyoto and Chicago: Unilateral Legal Entrepreneurship in the Multilateral Governance System

State and Multilateralism: Past, Present and Future

Working Paper No 12: M. Telò
State and Multilateralism: Past, Present and Future(PDF Document) (9 September 2011)

Wed 27 Mar 2013, 12:05 | Tags: M Telo, multilateralism, state