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The European ‘refugee crisis’: Questioning assumptions about unauthorised migration

Dr Vicki Squire

What exactly is the ‘European migration crisis’? There are many answers to this question, some of which lie in tension with each other and others of which resonate or overlap with one another. The ‘crisis’ can be understood as a crisis of the Schengen Area, as a crisis of solidarity, as a crisis of sovereignty, as a crisis of security, as a crisis of values or social cohesion, as a humanitarian crisis, and/or as a crisis of international protection. This talk takes each of these in turn in order to give an overview of the state and the stakes of the current debate, before putting the current ‘crisis’ into its wider context and questioning the ways in which the ‘crisis’ is currently addressed. Please contact the author directly at V dot J dot Squire at warwick dot ac dot uk if you wish to read this piece in full.