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International Relations & Security

International Relations & Security
This is one of the largest IR-IS groupings in Europe and has a global reputation for the quality of research and impact. It covers climate change, migration, poverty, health, privatisation, organised crime, international terrorism, nuclear proliferation, military strategy, intelligence, and the distribution of resources.


Name Description
Art Diplomacy and Nation Branding The project addresses the intersecting ways that Chinese contemporary art and nation branding are now connected.
Data and Displacement Data and Displacement assesses the data-based humanitarian targeting of assistance to internally displaced persons in two contexts that are characterised by conflict and high levels of displacement: northern Nigeria and South Sudan.
#Everyday there is Malak This project will be the first interdisciplinary study to assess cyberfeminist networks in three Arab countries.
Humorous States This project observes that comedy and IR are increasingly coterminous, yet the intellectual resources required to address them seem scattered across several literatures and sub-disciplines.
Latin America and the peripheral origins of nineteenth-century international order This project seeks to better understand the role of Latin America.
Neoliberal Terror: The Radicalisation of Social Policy in Europe This project investigates the introduction of counterterrorism within Health and Social care across Europe.
Populist Fantasyland This project will develop a new account of how populist security rhetoric works at the level of everyday emotional experiences.
Rights, Institutions, Procedures, Participation, Litigation, Embedding Security The project compares the regulatory ‘bureaucratic response’ model to terrorism in two European democracies (Norway; UK) at a time of rapid technological change.
Urban Warfare: past, present and future This fellowship investigates how the introduction of disruptive technologies may be changing the topography of the urban battle.