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International Political Economy


The IPE Cluster represents a wide range of expertise in PAIS that supports its longstanding and global reputation in IPE. It brings together scholars undertaking cutting-edge research in a variety of conceptual and thematic areas within IPE - see 'Research Themes & Publications' for more information.

The Cluster also contains regional and country-specific expertise, including scholars working on Europe; East, Southeast and South Asia; and on the United Kingdom; South Africa; India; Turkey and Mexico.

There are twenty members of staff and more than thirty doctoral students undertaking research within the field of IPE at PAIS. Find out more about people in PaIS here.

The IPE Cluster hosts a series of events each year, in particular the renowned 'Annual IPE Lecture' and the 'Annual Debate on the Future of IPE' at which leading scholars in the field of IPE present and debate their work.

Research Themes & Publications


  • History of Economic Thought
  • Global Governance
  • Feminist Political Economy
  • Gender Studies
  • Everyday IPE
  • Financial Markets
  • International Development
  • Comparative Political Economy
  • Capitalism and the Nation-State
  • IPE of Energy
  • Trade and Investment Policy
  • The Political Economy of Brexit

You can find out more about our research and publications by clicking on the links.

The Cluster also works in collaboration with the: Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation (CSGR) and the Warwick Critical Finance Group.

Annual Debate and Lecture

Annual Debate on the Future of IPE: NB Date Change:

The 2018 Annual Debate on the Future of IPE, on Wednesday, 2nd May from 17:00-18:30, will be about Decolonising International Political Economy: Challenges and Ways Forward. We have a really great line-up of speakers keen to get the debate started: Professor Mustapha Pasha, University of Aberystwyth; Professor Robbie Shilliam, Queen Mary, University of London; Dr Lisa Tilley, Queen Mary, University of London; and Dr Sara Salem, University of Warwick. It will be held in S0.21 (Social Sciences) - all welcome!

IPE Annual Lecture:

The 2017-18 IPE Annual Lecture will be given by Wes Widmaier, Griffith University, on the 2nd November 2017 at 17:00-18:30 in MS.04 (Zeeman Building). Wes be presenting on: Both Sides, Now: Paradigms, Power, Psychology, and Pragmatism at the Midpoint of Crisis. See here for the lecture abstract.
For those that missed the presentation please click here for a link to the audio recording.

Undergraduate IPE

MA Study in IPE

PhD Supervision in IPE

If you have any questions or would like to post to this site please contact the cluster convenor:

Dr Caroline Kuzemko at:



'Decolonising International Political Economy: Challenges and Ways Forward'

The focus of this year's debate will be on challenges facing the move to decolonise universities and curricula, with a specific focus on IPE and politics more generally. From international inequalities to imperial legacies, IPE as a discipline faces increasing pressure to address some of the colonial assumptions embedded within it. Given its focus on the global, IPE in particular should be situated in relation to debates around power, knowledge production, imperialism, racism, and the neoliberal academy. What would a decolonised IPE curricula and classroom look like, and what are some of the challenges facing this shift?

Last Years's Annual Debate on the Future of IPE:

The 2016-17 IPE Annual Debate was held on the 9th March 2017, from 16:30-18:00, in MS.05 (Zeeman Building). The theme of the debate was: 'What Counts: the Politics of Economic Accounting'. We had a fantastic line-up of speakers: Professor Daniel Mügge, Professor Peter Newell and Professor Shirin Rai. See here for slides and for an audio-video recording of the event.


(For details please see: Calendar)

2nd November 2017: ANNUAL IPE LECTURE, Wes Widamier, Griffith University, Australia: Both Sides, Now: Paradigms, Power, Psychology, and Pragmatism at the Midpoint of Crisis

16th November 2017: Ben Clift, Operable definitions of the permissable: how narrating IPE's evolution entails justifying and legitimising assumptive foundations, ontological approaches and epistemological choices

30th November 2017: Matthew Patterson, Manchester University, The end of fossil fuels: Narrative and power in the politics of climate change

18th January 2018: Anna Killick, University of Southampton, What citizens mean by the term 'the economy' when behaving politically: An empirical UK based study

8th February 2018: Nicholas Bernards, University of Warwick, The Truncated Commercialisation of Microinsurance and the Limits of Neoliberalism

14th March 2018: The Annual Debate on the Future of IPE: Decolonising International Political Economy: Challenges and Ways Forward. Professor Robbie Shilliam; Dr Lisa Tilley; Dr Sara Salem (see above for details)

23rd March 2018: Workshop: IPE in the Midlands. Venue: TBC