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About us

The Warwick Interdisciplinary Research Centre for International Development (WICID) addresses urgent problems of poverty, inequality and social and economic change while challenging global hierarchies of knowledge and resources.

Interdisciplinary, critical and robust analyses through co-production of knowledge and knowledge exchange characterise WICID’s approach and ensure impact in the fields we work in. We aim not only to learn from each other but also to create together new methods of research, new analytical insights and propose new solutions, based on a robust evidence base.


While different disciplines may often work alongside each other, international development research, policy and practice are better served by an integrated approach with active collaboration across disciplines on joint research and dissemination of outcomes.

With this approach in mind WICID undertakes a series of activities to generate and support interdisciplinary international development research:

  • Regular seminars and reading groups where Warwick colleagues can exchange with each other, and invited external speakers, on the subject of interdisciplinary research.
  • Hosting fellows at our Methods Lab to undertake focused research, publications, and exchanges on interdisciplinary research.
  • Providing seed funding to Warwick colleagues to develop interdisciplinary research projects and to apply for larger funds.
  • Working with scholars, policy makers and practitioners of international development to disseminate insights generated from interdisciplinary research.

Through our interdisciplinary research projects and related activities we prioritise inclusive and diverse working collaborations both between Warwick colleagues and with our partners globally.

Our vision

  • new ways of thinking across disciplinary boundaries
  • supporting research and analysis of the key issues that shape international development
  • building on cutting-edge research to provide a bridge to policy
  • generating impact by developing a high-quality knowledge exchange programme with diverse audiences
  • establishing a network of collaborators with shared intellectual values

Our research themes

  • gender will focus on issues of work, value, violence and health.
  • peace, conflict, and justice will assess links between governance forms and inequalities focusing on labour, social policy, justice and legacies of violence;
  • mobilities will focus on the causes of migration, effectiveness of different migration-development initiatives and critical assessments of humanitarian and aid programmes;
  • health will tackle the pressing links between health, governance and social inequalities.

WICID Methods Lab (WML)

Develops appropriate, innovative and interdisciplinary methodologies to pursue our research. Our focus on bridging epistemic divides and developing critical pedagogy will ensure the fostering of global networks necessary for our research to have impact.

The WML works with our global partners to research and produce critical knowledge exchange and teaching materials. We also work together to produce inventive indicators and development measures to advance rigorous research on our themes.

We pursue collaborations with scholars in the UK and in particular our global partners to explore the possibilities of enhanced engagement through digital media. We will produce working papers and academic publications through our collaborative research that speak directly to policy-making and policy review.

More about the Lab