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Funding and Fellowships

Current Opportunities

Funding Support Scheme

We are inviting applications to the WICID Funding Support Grant Scheme for the academic year 2022 - 2023.

WICID aims to connect researchers and support funding bids for cutting-edge, interdisciplinary and global south research. Such research may be connected to the four organising themes of WICID: gender, health, governance, and mobility. We will also support research funding bids on alternative themes.

The WICID Funding Support Scheme is open to researchers at the University of Warwick who demonstrate they meet the criteria outlined in the guidanceLink opens in a new window

Our funding support takes two forms:

  1. Providing funds of up to £1,500 to support the development of an external funding bid.
  2. Providing funds of up to £1,500 to support the development of a research idea, where a common working theme has been identified by a group of researchers and where a speculative bid can be prepared in advance of a specific call.

For the academic year 2022 - 2023 WICID is able to make 2 grants of up to £1,500 each (total fund £3,000).

Submissions and any queries relating to the Funding Support Scheme should be emailed to: 

Ongoing and previously funded projects include:

  • COVID-19 and Slumdwellers International: Keith Hyams and colleagues received WICID Funding to support a project examining ethics and social justice issues within the COVID-19 pandemic relating to both the effects of the virus and the effects of the response measures implemented on residents of slums in four countries.
  • “Exploring behavioural spill-overs in a nationwide agricultural insurance field experiment in Thailand”: Marco Haenssgen and colleagues received WICID funding to support a field-visit, on-site networking, and a grant development workshop for their project on health-related behavioural change research. Unfortunately the initial visit has been postponed due to COVID-19, but the team hopes to re-organize.
  • Basel Interdisciplinary Workshop: On February 29, 2020, members of an international interdisciplinary project team working on enforced disappearance met in Basel to discuss their current work and to plan a future GCRF network grant. Members from Colombia, El Salvador, Switzerland and the UK were present. WICID funding supported the travel and logistical costs associated with the workshop.
  • Critical South Asia Group, University of Warwick: WICID supports the on campus events of the CSAG, including a discussion entitled “Kashmir Under Siege.”

Visiting Fellowship Application Process

We review Visiting Fellowship applications on a rolling basis. To apply to be a Visiting Fellow at WICID send your application materials via email as a Microsoft Word or PDF document to

Application Requirements:

  1. Please send a brief research proposal (including research topic, expected output(s), and how you will contribute to WICID's work) 500-1500 words. Please indicate the dates you wish to be a Visiting Fellow and include a CV and a description of your current or recent research project along with an indication of how you think you will benefit from a visiting fellowship at WICID.
  2. WICID will consider the request and if there is a potential positive relationship, will work with you to complete the formal University of Warwick application paperwork. All applications are subject to approval from the central University and references from your current substantive/most recent substantive employer will be required.
  3. Funding Requirements: Please note that WICID does not offer funding and applicants will have to be funded by their own institution or from another source; please indicate your funding source. Visiting Fellows do not have an employment relationship with the University of Warwick.

WICID's Commitment:

  • While WICID Visiting Fellows are self-funded, we are pleased to host a private or public webinar for you to discuss and share your research and obtain supportive and robust feedback on your work.
  • We also ask you to contribute to the Think Development blog and participate in a Think Development Out Loud interview, if you are comfortable doing so.
  • WICID colleagues are able to provide mentoring to Visiting Fellows who are interested in mentoring. We anticipate this to be relevant to 3 year post-PhD Early Career Researchers.

Funding Allocated

Turing Global South Mobility Scheme

In 2021-22 academic year, WICID led The Turing Global South Mobility Scheme, which offers placements in the global south to undergraduate or postgraduate students at the University of Warwick whose work is focused on research, learning, and exchange in these countries. The selection process was rigorous and successful applicants were announced in March 2022. Students have committed to a placement of one month with the host organisation and have undertaken a piece of contained research which is either related to their dissertation and/or of relevance for the host institution. The successful applicants and their placements are:

  • Renuka Bhat: South Africa – University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg University
  • Mihaela Sirinatu: India – Jawarhar Lal Nehru University, New Delhi

  • Ben Roberts: Côte d’Ivoire – Swiss Centre for Scientific Research

  • Saskia Wagner: Côte d’Ivoire – Swiss Centre for Scientific Research

The Turing Scheme is a UK Government funding scheme that offers mobility opportunities to UK students which enhance their skills and reinforce their learning through:

  • Collaborating with researchers outside of the United Kingdom.
  • Participating in intellectual exchange with researchers in host institutions.
  • Developing new perspectives for their work, based on this exchange.

WICID Co-Director Dr Briony Jones who has led on the programme for WICID said “This is an exciting new scheme which allows students to benefit from WICID’s diverse Global South partnerships. We are delighted to be able to bring our student community together with hosts in Côte d’Ivoire, India, and South Africa.”

For information on our students and their placements read our news releaseLink opens in a new window.

WICID 'Dragons' Den' 2022

The WICID ‘Dragons' Den’ style event is an opportunity for researchers at the University of Warwick to bid for funding to resource projects and activities which support the development of funding bids or research ideas in line with WICID’s aims. The winners of the competition and their research projects are:

  • Jayanthi Lingham: A research project examining development policy of financial inclusion and how this impacts women's social reproductive lives in militarised, conflict affected contexts
  • Jamelia Harris: A research project investigating the effects of patronage on the labour market in the former British West Indies