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Research and Impact

WICID will extend the theoretical and empirical boundaries that shape our understanding of international development through its research.

The discipline of International Development is at a key moment in its trajectory, with debates shifting towards understanding how knowledge is produced, the role of research partnerships, and the need to interrogate key underpinning assumptions about what development is and who it is for. WICID will make a contribution to these debates with its interdisciplinary approach focused on co-production of knowledge.

Research Areas

Our Research Network

Critical South Asia Group (CSAG)

The Critical South Asia Group at Warwick brings together staff and research students whose scholarly work focuses on South Asia. The group draws upon the wide-ranging inter-disciplinary backgrounds and academic expertise that we bring together as a collective.

The Global South Initiative (GSI)

A student-led initiative at the University of Warwick to connect researchers from the Global South and resist their invisibility in academia. GSI welcomes all interested researchers to engage in academic discussion and collaboration, share cultures and experiences and most of all, to form a community that is fully supportive.