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Completing an Absence Form

Please complete the absence form as soon as you first know that you will be absent from classes for a period of 7 days (including weekends) or more or when you are aware that a monitoring point has been missed or will be missed due to absence you believe should be authorised. Full details of your monitoring points can be seen in the student handbook applicable to your course and your tabula student profile. Whilst it is courteous and we would encourage you to notify module tutors or seminar leaders that you may need to miss one of their classes please do not ask individual module tutors or seminar leaders to authorise absences from your classes.

This form can be used for self-certification but should also be completed for absences that will be certified via other methods.

The Department Office should only be notified if absence at a single event will lead to missing a monitoring point or if the absence exceeds 7 days.

Authorisation for Medical Reasons
  • Absences from classes that lead to missing a monitoring point must be authorised by self-certification or a doctor's note.
  • You may use this form to self-certificate for up to 2 periods of absence lasting less than 7 days during the course of each academic year.
  • A self-certification request will not be accepted as authorisation if you have a previous missed monitoring point immediately before the monitoring point you are currently requesting absence from (e.g. you cannot use a self-certification to authorise a week 8 missed monitoring point if you have a previous unauthorised missed monitoring point from week 7 (if this was the last point)).
  • Where there are more than 2 absences in a single year OR a single absence that lasts for more than 7 days a doctor’s note must be provided - this can be uploaded with the form or submitted in hard copy to the office but this form should still be completed (the absence will not be authorised until we have the doctor's note).
  • If you have already provided certification for an ongoing medical condition you must still complete this form for each absence with a statement that the reason for the absence was due to the long term condition.
Authorisation for Non-Medical Reasons
  • You should request authorisation for non-medical absence BEFORE the date of the absence if at all possible.
  • Planned absence for non-medical reasons that will result in you missing a monitoring point must be authorised by the MA Exams Secretary.

You should discuss any ongoing problems with your supervisor.

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