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MA Marking and Examination Conventions

All MA programmes are now subject to the Requirements for Taught Postgraduate Awards. Key points to note from these requirements are:

  • That all marks should be given on a 0-100 scale and the minimum pass mark for all postgraduate modules is 50.
  • That students are required to attain 180 credits at masters level for the award of MA, for all masters programmes in Philosophy.
  • That for each candidate an overall course average will be calculated by combining the marks for the 6 modules and the dissertation component (CATS weighted average).
  • That a Pass shall be awarded for an overall mark between 50 and 59.9, a Merit shall be awarded for an overall mark between 60.0 and 69.9 and a Distinction shall be awarded for a mark of 70.0 or above (please note these are CAT weighted average scores. All module essays are worth 20 CATS and the dissertation is worth 60 CATS).
  • That irrespective of the award average attained by a student no student may receive an award with merit or distinction if the student has not received the minimum pass mark for any module.
  • That if a student fails to achieve the recommended number of CATS, they may be eligible for an exit qualification (Postgraduate Diploma or Postgraduate Certificate, depending on the number of CATS attained).