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Penalties for Late Submission of Assessed Work

All work submitted for assessment must be submitted by the given deadlines. Once a submission date is published it has the force of a University Regulation. Late submissions will only be excused on medical or compassionate grounds. Medical grounds must be supported by a doctor’s certificate or note. All written evidence concerning grounds for lateness of submission must be submitted to the Graduate Office concurrently with, or soon after, the event or events to which they refer.

If you believe you are going to miss a deadline, you must explain the problem as soon as possible to the MA Examinations Secretary. Application for an extension of deadline can only be made to the MA Examinations Secretary and must be made in writing (with any supporting evidence). In 2015-16 the Examinations Secretary will be Christoph Hoerl

Where an extension is not granted, a penalty of 3 marks per day will be imposed for the late submission of assessed work for all taught postgraduate courses; please note that, for this purpose, each day starts at 12:01 pm – if you, for instance, submit your essay on the deadline date but after noon, you will incur a penalty of 3 marks.