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Resubmission of Failed Work

Under the Right to Remedy Failure Policy, all MA students are permitted one resit attempt to pass a failed module.

If you receive a failing mark for a Philosophy module, the deadline for your resubmission will normally be the next major deadline. For example, if your essay was due in January, you will normally be offered a resit attempt at that assignment due in March, for an assessment due in March the resit would normally take place in June. The Philosophy Office will be in touch to confirm this with you.

If you have received a failing mark for a module not run by the Philosophy Department (for example, if you are an MA Philosophy and the Arts student and have failed an English module) please contact the Philosophy Office and we will liaise with the Department running that module on your behalf.

All resit attempts will be capped, meaning the maximum mark you can achieve for these attempts will be 50.

For 20- and 30-CAT modules, resit essays may be on a similar topic, but must have a different essay title. Using substantially the same material as your previous attempt may be classed as self-plagiarism and could result in a mark of 0.

Please be aware students are not entitled to resit individual assessment components if they have achieved a pass mark for the module overall.

For students resitting the dissertation module, it is expected that you will resubmit a re-worked version your dissertation with the same title. You will also normally continue being supervised by the same member of staff wherever possible.

Where the original dissertation submission has achieved a mark of less than 50 but above 30, students will be permitted to resubmit the dissertation for consideration of the award of an MA. Where the original dissertation mark is below 30, the exam board will normally only permit a re-worked submission for examination for the award of a Postgraduate Diploma.

If you feel that your mark for any assessment has been detrimentally affected by Mitigating Circumstances, we would encourage you declare this on Tabula.

For further information, please refer the Rules for Award policy.