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Resubmission of Failed Work

  • A mark of zero will be awarded where work is not submitted. This is also a possibility of a zero mark if a student is being investigated for plagarism
  • Students are required to apply for permission from the MA Examinations Secretary to resubmit failed module essays (a maximum of 50% of the total essays taken are allowed to be resubmitted - 60 CATS). If permission is granted, the essays must be re-submitted by the next deadline.
  • In the case of essays that fail due to late submission penalties, students are normally not allowed to revise and/or resubmit the same essay in order to remedy that failure, but they can apply for permission to submit an essay on a different topic.
  • The maximum mark which will be awarded for a module on re-examination is 50.
  • The MA Examination Board also has the right to allow students one attempt to resubmit failed module essays after the third and final deadline. In no case however may the total amount of failed work that is resubmitted under the taught element of the degree exceed 60 CATS.
  • The MA Examination Board also has the right to allow students obtaining a mark of less than 50 but above 30 in the dissertation element to resubmit the dissertation (60 CATS) for re-examination.
  • Students obtaining a mark of 30 or less in the dissertation will only be permitted to submit a re-worked submission for examination for the award of a Postgraduate Diploma.