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North-American Exchange Programme

The Department of Philosophy participates in exchange schemes with two North American Universities: Queen’s University in Ontario and Western University in Ontario. This enables students in their 2nd year (Single Honours, Joint Honours or Philosophy with) to spend a full year studying abroad. Modules and examinations taken at Queen’s and Madison count towards the Warwick degree.

Application procedure

Those interested in going on an exchange should fill out the Study Abroad Application Form and attach a one-page letter to the North American Exchange Co-ordinator, outlining the reasons for wanting to participate in the exchange. Students should look at the University Exchange webpages, and also webpages of the institution at which they hope to spend a year, and attend to the following questions in their application:

a) Why do you want to study in the host country you have chosen?

b) How will you adapt to life in the host country and cope with being away from Britain?

c) What benefits will you receive by spending your year abroad (paying specific attention to your chosen destination)?

d) What previous experiences have you had that make you suitable for the exchange?

e) Why should you be selected for the exchange?

Applications should be submitted by no later than Monday 3rd December.

The North American Exchange Co-ordinator will interview a shortlist of candidates in week 10 and ensure that they are apprised of relevant sources of information. In addition, before supporting their application, the North American Exchange Co-ordinator will check with personal and module tutors that they know of no reason why the student should not be supported.

Choice of courses / modules

Students are required to discuss the courses / modules they intend to take while away with the North-American Exchange Co-ordinator. The Co-ordinator will advise them in such a way that their choices fit the Department’s views about core topics that should be covered. (E.g., students should take an analogue of History of Modern Philosophy.) In cases where students are unwilling, or unable, to take courses / modules of an appropriate sort, they may be required to take core modules on their return to Warwick.

Contact while abroad

Students are requested to keep in touch with their personal tutors while away, as per our usual requirements, except that contact may be by telephone or email. So, for example, students will be expected to contact their personal tutor at the start and end of each term. They should treat their personal tutor as their first port of call should any questions or issues arise.

Additional briefing

The University Exchange Department provide briefings and advice concerning all aspects of organising a year of study in North America. It is also possible to book an appointment through their webpages.

Assessment procedure

Work done while in North America is marked by tutors there, and those marks are then converted according to a standardised scheme when the student returns to Warwick. The converted marks are fed into the student’s assessment as their year 2 marks.

Returning to Warwick University

Students are required to complete a report on their time in North America. The University Exchange Department provide details about the procedure for submitting reports, including deadlines for submission. They may wish to discuss this report with their personal tutor on their return. The personal tutor will raise any issues that arise with the North American Exchange Co-ordinator.



Queen's University

Department of Philosophy, Queen's University

Western University

Department of Philosophy, Western University

Further Information

For further information please contact:


Dr David James
Study Abroad Co-ordinator