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MindGrad 2006

Warwick Graduate Conference in the Philosophy of Mind (MINDGRAD 2006)

Saturday 2 - Sunday 3 December 2006
University of Warwick, Department of Philosophy, UK

Keynote Speakers:

Mike Martin (UCL) + Michael Bratman (Stanford)


Graduate Speakers:


Jacob Beck (Harvard)


'The Generality Constraint and the Structure of Thought' [abstract]


Jessica Boyd (Princeton)


'The Conceptual Structure of Blame'


Anil Gomes (Oxford)


'Was Kant a Disjunctivist?' [abstract]


Ian Phillips (UCL/Oxford)


'Perceiving Temporal Properties' [abstract]


Gregory Salmieri (Pittsburgh)


'How we Choose Our Beliefs' [abstract]


Jonah Wilberg (Essex)


'Dennett, Orwell and Stalin' [abstract]


Sponsored by Analysis and the Department of Philosophy, University of Warwick.