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Saturday December 1st*


9.30 Registration (in the atrium of the Maths building)


9.55 Opening Mindgrad


10.00 Ian Phillips: 'Perceiving Temporal Properties'

Response: Bill Brewer


11.30 Coffee**


12.00 Jonah Wilberg: 'Dennett, Orwell and Stalin'

Response: Hemdat Lerman

1.30 Lunch (in the atrium)


3.00 Jessica Boyd: 'The Conceptual Structure of Blame'

Response: Andrew Williams


4.30 Coffee


5.00 Keynote: Michael Bratman: 'Intention, Belief, Practical, Theoretical'

Response: Oliver Rashbrook


7.30 Conference meal at Casse Valle, Leamington.



Sunday December 2nd


10.00 Keynote: Mike Martin


11.30 Coffee


12.00 Anil Gomes: 'Was Kant a Disjunctivist'

Response: Johannes Roessler


1.30 Lunch (in the atrium)


3.00 Jacob Beck: 'The Generality Constraint and the Structure of Thought'

Response: Steve Butterfill


4.30 Coffee


5.00 Greg Salmieri: 'How We Choose Our Beliefs'

Response: Matt Soteriou


6.30 Closing Mindgrad


*A book stall with sample copies and discounted order forms will run on both days, courtesy of the Oxford University Press.


**Lunch and coffee/tea is included in the conference fee.