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Poetry and Philosophy Conference


We are very sorry to announce that this event has been cancelled, due to concerns about the corona virus and the travel restrictions it has triggered. We hope to re-schedule it for a later date.

British Society of Aesthetics Synergy Conference

New Conversations on Poetry and Philosophy

16-17 March 2020

R0.12 (Ramphal Building) - note change of room

We are delighted to announce that the University of Warwick will host a BSA Synergy Conference focusing on questions of shared interest for poetry and philosophy. Poets, philosophers, philosopher-poets, poet-philosophers, and poetry scholars will bring their expertise and experience to the conversation. The following broad questions are prompts for the conference: What is the role of the poet in the poem? Is poetry a truth-telling practice? Is poetry distinctive in its ability to evoke, not just what can be thought, but what it is like to think? Speakers will pursue these and a range of other questions over the course of two days, 16-17 March, on the University of Warwick campus.

The guest speakers include Heather Altfeld, Don Bialostosky, John Gibson, Jennifer Gosetti-Ferencei, Will Harris, Troy Jollimore, Peter Lamarque, Jack McGowan, Helen Mort, and Anna Christina Ribeiro. Warwick speakers, representing Philosophy, English and Comparative Literary Studies, Poetry at Warwick, and the Centre for Research in Philosophy, Literature and the Arts, include Emma Mason, Stacey McDowell, Karen Simecek, and Jonathan Skinner.

Updated programme (10/3/20)

Conference co-organisers: Karen Simecek and Eileen John. For further information, contact Eileen John (