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WMA Graduate Research Seminar, 2018/2019

Research seminar run in conjunction with the WMA Research Centre and open to all philosophy postgraduate students.
If you would like to receive email notifications about the seminar, please email h dot lerman at warwick dot ac dot uk
In Summer Term the seminar takes place fortnightly, on Wednesdays, 14:00-16:00. Weeks 3, 5: Room A0.05 (Soc Sci),
weeks 7, 9: Room R3.25.

Summer Term 2019

Week 3: Campbell, J. Berkeley's Puzzle Ch. 3: 'Experiencing Objects as Mind-Independent' [link]

Week 5: French, C. 'Naive Realist Perspectives on Seeing Blurrily' [pdf]

Week 7: Miracchi, L. 'Perception First' [pdf]

Week 9: Discussion with Jack of his draft paper 'How do we (think that we) experience time?'

Week 11: Discussion with Jack of his draft paper 'On Time Seeming to Pass' [pdf]


Spring Term 2019

Week 1: Boyle, M. 'Additive Theories of Rationality: A Critique' [link]

Week 4: Forbes, G 'Content and Theme in Attitude ascriptions' [link]

Week 5: Discussion with Lucy Campbell of a draft paper of hers (the draft will be circulated by email)

Week 7: Campbell, J. 'Transparency versus Revelation in Color Perception' [pdf]

Week 9: Campbell, J. 'Perceptual Attention (Why is perceptual attention philosophically interesting?)' [link]

Week 11: Ichino, A. 'Superstitious Confabulations' [pdf]


Autumn Term 2018

Week 3: Bill Brewer 'Perceptual Experience and Empirical Reason' [pdf]

Week 4: Naomi Eilan 'Experiential Objectivity' [link]

Week 5: Gareth Evans 'Things Without the Mind' [pdf]

Week 6: Paul Snowdon 'On the What-It-is-Like-Ness of Experience' [link]

Week 7: Frédérique de Vignemont 'A mosquito bite against the enactive approach to bodily experiences' [pdf]

Week 10: Disscusion with Barney Walker of his draft paper 'Knowledge First, Stability and Value' [pdf]



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