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WMA Graduate Research Seminar, 2022/2023

Research seminar run in conjunction with the WMA Research Centre and open to all philosophy postgraduate students.
If you would like to receive email notifications about the seminar, please email h dot lerman at warwick dot ac dot uk
In Spring Term the seminar will take place on Wednesdays, odd weeks, at 14:00-16:00, in room S0.52.

Spring Term 2023

Week 1: Frege 'On Sense and Reference' [pdf].

Week 3: Frege 'The Thought' [link]

Week 5: Russell 'Knowledge by Acquaintance and Knowledge by Description' [link]

Week 7: Kripke Naming and Necessity, Lecture I [pdf]

Week 9: Kripke Naming and Necessity, Lecture II [pdf]


Autumn Term 2022

Week 4: Adrian Moore, Points of View, Ch. 6 [link].

Week 5: Adrian Moore, Points of View, Ch.6 sections 2-4 and Ch. 7 [link].

Week 6: Lucy O’Brien, 'Ordinary self-consciousness' [pdf]

Week 7: Lucy O’Brien, ‘An Introspective Argument for Other’ [doc]


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