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Philosophy by Examples

Liam Ashbee Lowe

Introduction to the Programme

How much do we owe to those in need? What tactics should advertisers be free to use? What it is that makes you who you are? Should we be free to buy and sell human organs? Does democracy work?

Our Philosophy by Examples programme is a discussion based course designed to enhance A Level students' skills for critical reflection, to inspire them to consider pursuing higher education, and to introduce them to fascinating and challenging concepts and arguments on a range of philosophical topics. The course is delivered by teams of between three and five Warwick Philosophy honours students who alternate responsibility for leading and supporting the sessions.

In its first year 2016/17, the programme ran in three local schools, Blue Coat School, Kenilworth School and President Kennedy School. The programme consists of between six and ten, one hour sessions delivered on a weekly basis in either the Autumn or Spring Term. This programme will complement your Sixth Form students’ Philosophy and Ethics A Level studies by enhancing their understanding of a range of ethical theories and ethical thinkers, as well as introducing them to exciting debates in aesthetics, epistemology, metaphysics, and political philosophy.

Teacher Testimonials

Here are some comments from school teachers whose students are currently enjoying the Programme:

"The students had clearly prepared for each session. Interactive teaching methods were employed, such as the use of critical questions and movement to engage students' thinking. Sessions also offered an insight into higher education opportunities and improved our students' confidence in debating complex & challenging issues."

Ms Howe, Blue Coat School

“It went well, your students were great. They seem to have a really genuine enthusiasm which was fantastic for our pupils to see … I look forward to next week.”

Mr Nahal, Kenilworth School

The pupils “really enjoyed them” and are finding them “very stimulating.”

Mrs Hughes, President Kennedy School

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