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Brian McElwee


Dr Brian McElwee, Teaching Fellow (2010-11)

Ph.D (St Andrews), MLitt (St Andrews), MA (Glasgow)

After completing my PhD at the University of St Andrews, I was a Praelector at Lincoln College, University of Oxford, for four years, before coming to Warwick as a Teaching Fellow in September 2010.

My research is primarily in Moral Philosophy. Most of my published work focuses on consequentialism, impartiality and the demandingness of morality. I’m currently thinking about what consequentialists ought to say about virtue. I am also interested in questions about self-ownership in moral and political philosophy.



‘Impartial Reasons, Moral Demands’, Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, forthcoming 2011.

‘Should We De-Moralize Philosophical Ethics?’, Ratio 23 (3), 2010, 308-321.

‘The Appeal of Self-Ownership’, Social Theory and Practice, Vol. 36 (2), 2010, 213-232.

‘The Rights and Wrongs of Consequentialism’, Philosophical Studies, Vol. 151 (3), 2010, 393-412.

‘Consequentialism and Permissibility’, Utilitas, Vol. 22 (2), 2010, 171-183.

‘Consequentialism, Demandingness and the Monism of Practical Reason’, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Vol. CVII, 2007, 359-374.