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Andrew Cooper


I write about nature, science and aesthetics. My research aims to bring insights from the history of philosophy - particularly Kant and post-Kantian philosophy - to contemporary problems in metaphysics and philosophy of science, such as the grounding of natural laws, the use of teleology in biology and the unity of science.

I am currently on research leave working on a Leverhulme funded project called 'The Road Not Taken: Kant and Organised Systems'. This project traces the conceptual origins of biology in eighteenth century natural history, which includes the work of Du Châtelet, Buffon, Haller, Kant, Kielmeyer, Goethe and Schelling.

Before coming to Warwick I held postdoc fellowships at UCL, Durham and Bonn, and received a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Sydney. I was a visiting scholar at UC San Diego in 2018 and University of Chicago in 2019, and will be a visiting fellow at Corpus Christi, Cambridge in 2020.

For further details of my current research, see my website.



Kant and the transformation of natural history - in progress

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Email: andrew.j.cooper [at] warwick
Office: S2.41