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Robert Cowan


I have recently joined the Warwick Philosophy Department having previously held a temporary lectureship at the University of Glasgow (2011-2013). Prior to that I was a PhD student at Glasgow where I was supervised by Michael Brady and Martin Smith.

Research Interests

My primary area of research is in moral epistemology, although I have broader interests in the nature and epistemology of perception, intuition and emotion. My previous publications have focused on the prospects for 'perceptual' accounts of moral knowledge. I argue that even if moral perception occurs it does not play an epistemically basic role.

I am currently working on a few things:

  1. assessing the prospects for self-evidence theories of moral knowledge, and;
  2. assessing whether the reasons-responsiveness and cognitive permeability of
    emotions casts doubt on 'perceptual' models of their nature and epistemology;
  3. exploring further the epistemological ramifications of cognitive penetration.


Works In Progress/Under Review

  • 'Evaluative Perception' book proposal for OUP

Teaching and Supervision

I currently teach the the PPE PH337 Economics and Philosophy module (co-taught with Peter Hammond) and the PH211 Ethics module. I am also tutoring on the PH133 Introduction to Philosophy module.

I am happy to supervise students in any of the areas related to my research.

I am also the Graduate Professional Development Officer. We are running a series of seminars on Graduate Professional Development. See this link for details of the schedule.

Robert Cowan


Tel: 024 765 22323
Office: S2.49, Office Hours: Mondays 3-4, Wednesdays 10-11, and by appointment