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Thomas Crowther


I studied PPP at Oxford, and went on to complete an MPhil and PhD in Philosophy at King’s College, London. I have previously taught at the University of Oxford, Birkbeck, and at Heythrop College, University of London. I joined the Warwick Philosophy Department as Associate Professor in 2013.


My areas of research interest are metaphysics, philosophy of mind, epistemology, and Aristotle. I have a particular interest in the philosophy of perception, and in the metaphysics of mass and stuff. I have a number of different research projects in progress at present:

  • (a) I am writing a series of papers that explores the nature of perceptual activity, and the relations between perceptual activity, knowledge of the environment, and wakeful self-consciousness.
  • (b) Another series of papers focuses on the metaphysics of time-occupation. The papers develop the idea that there is a temporal analogue of the distinction between space-occupying bounded particulars and space-filling stuff, and that this analogy is central to a satisfying temporal ontology.
  • (c) I am developing a collaborative research project with Professor Matthew Soteriou. The project is targeted on some issues in the philosophy of mind, but will bring together researchers across the disciplines of philosophy of mind, metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of psychology, and cognitive science.
  • (d) I am co-editing a collection of papers entitled Perceptual Ephemera, with Dr Clare Mac Cumhaill of the University of Durham. The theme of the collection is the perceptual experience of things which are not in the category of bounded, space-filling, material objects. The volume is under contract with O.U.P.
  • (e) I am working on the manuscript of a book that focuses on the significance of a particular conception of the metaphysics of stuff for issues in the philosophy of mind and action.

Research Supervisory Interests: Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Aristotle.

Selected Publications

Thomas Crowther. in press. “Experience, Dreaming and the Phenomenology of Wakeful Consciousness”. In Fiona Macpherson, Fabian Dorsch, and Martine Nida-Rumelin (eds.). Phenomenal Presence. Oxford, O.U.P.

Thomas Crowther. forthcoming. “In Touch with the Look of Solidity”. In T. Crowther and C. Mac Cumhaill (eds.) Perceptual Ephemera. Oxford, O.U.P.

Thomas Crowther. in press. “Processes as Continuants and Process as Stuff”. In R. Stout (ed.) Process, Action and Experience. Oxford, O.U.P.

Thomas Crowther and Matthew Soteriou. in press. “Time in the Dream”. In I. Phillips (ed.) The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Temporal Experience. London, Routledge.

Thomas Crowther. 2016. “Failures of Rationality and Self-Knowledge in Addiction”. In G. Segal and N. Heather (eds.) Addiction and Choice. Oxford, O.U.P.

The Perception of Activity, (2014). In J. Stazicker (ed.), Ratio Special Edition, The Structure of Perceptual Experience.

The Matter of Events, (2011), The Review of Metaphysics, 65 (1) pp. 3-39.

The Agential Profile of Perceptual Experience, (2010) Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, 110 (2) pp. 219-242.

Watching, Sight and the Temporal Shape of Perceptual Activity, (2009) The Philosophical Review, 118 (1) pp. 1-27.

Perceptual Activity and the Will, (2009). In L. O'Brien and M. Soteriou (eds.) Mental Actions, (Oxford, O.U.P.) pp. 173-191.

Two Conceptions of Conceptualism and Nonconceptualism, (2006), Erkenntnis, 65 pp. 245-276.

Tom Crowther

Associate Professor