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Thomas Crowther


I studied PPP at Wadham College, Oxford, and went on to complete an MPhil and PhD in Philosophy at King's College, London. My PhD supervisors were Mark Sainsbury and Jim Hopkins. I have previously taught at the University of Oxford, Birkbeck, and at Heythrop College, University of London.

I joined the Warwick Philosophy Department as Associate Professor in 2013. I am now Reader in Philosophy.


My areas of research interest are metaphysics, philosophy of mind, epistemology, and the philosophy of Aristotle. I have particular interests in temporal ontology, the metaphysics of mass and stuff, the philosophy of perception and agency, and the nature of states of consciousness (such as wakeful consciousness, somnambulism, trance and dreams).

I am currently working on a book that focuses on the relations between the persistence of primary substances, the nature of process and activities, and the notion of the present. The book aims to identify and develop a metaphysical view according to which the notions of persistence, process and the present are to be understood together, and to show what the significance of this view is for various aspects of the contemporary literature.

With Professor Matthew Soteriou, KCL, I am involved in collaborative research exploring the nature and significance of wakeful consciousness. We are developing an interdisciplinary research project - involving collaboration with researchers working on the science of sleep - that aims to show that a correct understanding of wakeful consciousness is significant for understanding a range of issues in the philosophy of mind, action and epistemology. This research is informed by the empirical work on the science of waking, sleep and dreaming, but also is of significance for a number of theoretical questions left unanswered by the empirical science in those areas.

I supervise postgraduate research on Metaphysics, the Philosophy of Mind and Action, Epistemology, and the Philosophy of Aristotle (specifically, Aristotle's Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind and Action).


At undergraduate level I teach the Metaphysics and Aristotle Honours-level modules, as well as an Introduction to Ancient Philosophy module for first years. At postgraduate level I teach seminars on Advanced Topics in Metaphysics and Epistemology, and Aristotle's Physics: Continuity, Infinity and Time.

PH354 Aristotle 2020-1 (Options Information)

Selected Publications


2018. Perceptual Ephemera. Oxford, O.U.P. (co-edited with Clare Mac Cumhaill)


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2018. ‘Processes as Continuants and Process as Stuff’. In Rowland Stout (ed.) Process, Action and Experience. Oxford, O.U.P.

2017. ‘Time in the Dream’ (co-authored with Matthew Soteriou). In I. Phillips (ed.) The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Temporal Experience. London, Routledge.

2016. ‘Failures of Rationality and Self-Knowledge in Addiction’. In Gabriel Segal and Nick Heather (eds.) Addiction and Choice. Oxford, O.U.P.

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2006. ‘Two Conceptions of Conceptualism and Nonconceptualism’, Erkenntnis, 65 pp. 245-276

Tom Crowther

Reader in Philosophy