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Dino Jakušić

In February 2018 I defended my PhD thesis, which focused on the history of Ontology in German philosophy from Christian Wolff, through Kant, to Hegel. I was tracking the history of both the name or term 'ontology' and of the conception of what becomes known as the discipline of ontology. The history of the former starts with Lorhard in 1606. The history of the latter is much longer and in talking about it I focus mostly on Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas. Besides providing research on a fairly neglected area of the history of metaphysics (not Aristotle, Kant, or Hegel, to be clear, but the history of ontology) the thesis dispells some common myths and misconceptions about ideas and historical figures in philosophy.

At the moment I am spending most of my time teaching at the University of Warwick and preparing various articles for publication. Besides focusing on developing the immediate content of my thesis I am interested in various topics and trajectories in the history of Being, such as Suárez' reconceptualisation of the Thomist idea of the relation between Being and Essence and its impact on Descartes and hence Early Modern Philosophy, as well as post-Hegelian history of ontology such as the trajectory from Hegel to early 20th century Neo-Kantianism and Heidegger. At the moment, I am writing an article on Kant's formulation of the Ontological Proof.

Most of my work can be found on my Academia page.

The proper surname pronunciation is [jâkuʃitɕ], although I do not mind. The first name, however, sounds like 'deano', never as 'dine-o'.